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3d face emerge from spider web
3d face emerge from spider web [more]
Model: Midjourney
Width: 1456Height: 816
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Prompt: geometric black and white dark woman background dark sky, jenny saville, edward hopper, surrealism, dark art by james jean, takato yamamoto, inkpunk minimalism, realistic colors, hyperrealistic, hdr, delicate detail, highly detailed, masterpiece, very beautiful, adorable, marvelous, exquisite, captivating, alluring, award winning, spectacular, trendy, polished, very cute, glorious, fabulous, excellent, astonishingDark colors, Alasdair McLellan, digital painting; Crown over the head, by Daniel Merriam, Nikolina Petolas, Peter Gric, Dariusz Klimcza full colors, hair backlighting, back lighting, volumetric lighting, 8K, perfect eyes, perfect pupils, expressive eyes, hands by Albrecht Durer, smoke, particle fx, mist, fog, fire, explosions, debris
Prompt: photo taken with fuji superia, 8k, wet sinusoidal dripping lines, 100 stripes, porcelain doll, bald, human, frozen crackles, dew, face art, fractalalia eyes, fractal hair, face muscles, portrait, skin texture, quilling, soft light, golden hour, creepy beautiful
Prompt: 3d entites emerge in the style of highly detailed realism, noir comic art, dramatic diagonals, contemporary chicano, grid formations, masterful shading, twisted
Prompt: Grotesque hexagon woman. 8K. UHD. Photorealistic. Hyper detailed.
Prompt: 3d reconstruction of a woman's face using a technique known as fractal, in the style of melancholic symbolism, cracked, stone sculptures, puzzle-like pieces, humanistic empathy, black and white art, slumped/draped
Prompt: Grotesque hexagonal woman. Black and white.
Prompt: Grotesque geodesic woman
Prompt: Grotesque geodesic woman
Prompt: Grotesque hexagon woman. Black and white.