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The technological wonder of the age
The technological wonder of the age [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 (1024)
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Euler ASeed: 1973877274
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Prompt: decommissioned and tarnished automaton
Prompt: tv head
Prompt: steampunk
Prompt: retro sci-fi space station
Prompt: space invaders, 2d gameplay, gold line art on white, in the style of moche art x moche art patterns
Prompt: With a love for pure function and the patina that comes from prolonged use, my sculptures hint at vague mythologies surrounding the vast plethora of apocalyptic scenarios, both imagined and “legitimately” prophesied. Pop art and black humor, along with a chaotic mash-up of media process becomes the lens through which to view a confused reality. The range of influences are evidence of a re-adolescent skeptic with more questions than answers. Insect morphology, ancient and tribal art, hydrodynamic and aerodynamic forms, mechanical engineering, the history of space exploration, fractal geometry, robotics, SETI, comic books, popular science fiction, and toys, create a catalogue of images to anxiously explore a potential future past.
Prompt: Schematic: Tinker: Alarm-O-Turret
Prompt: vector black outline of a thinking machine, cell shaded, extreme depth of field
Prompt: An coffee machine full of circuitry

, a stunning John Avon's masterpiece in <mymodel>   artstyle by Brian Mashburn and Gustave Dore
Prompt: The essence of rage. Steampunk
Prompt:  Crago in  submarine hallway
Prompt: retro sci-fi space station
Prompt: A trypophobia sufferers nightmare. Steampunk
Prompt: a nerd's room in the 90s with a 386 computer, floppy disks and dot matrix printer
Prompt: "I would like to generate a photograph depicting the world of 2075, showcasing five distinct classes of people: the technological elites, those grappling with resource scarcity, climate refugees, transhumanists, and super-agers.

Portray the 'technological elites' as individuals surrounded by advanced technology and AI, exuding a sense of power and control. Contrasting with this, depict those suffering from 'resource scarcity' in a harsher, less technology-infused environment, struggling to access basic needs.

Include a group of 'climate refugees', people who had to move due to environmental changes. Show them in a state of transit, with signs of a disrupted climate, like extreme weather conditions, in the background.

For 'transhumanists', illustrate them with visible enhancements, like cybernetic limbs or implanted devices, representing their embrace of technology to transcend human limits.

Lastly, feature the 'super-agers', elderly individuals who maintain their physical and mental health even at an advanced age. Show them engaged in various activities that demonstrate their vitality.

The artwork should communicate the differences and relationships among these classes, highlighting the disparity, tension, as well as cooperation and unity in this future society."
Prompt: audio editing, 
illustration by Aisha Franz
Prompt: The technological wonder of the age
Prompt: steampunk zeppelin
Prompt: desert, tracked vehicle, deep sea oil rig, mobile, huge, scifi