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Prompt: Old Man at The Controls of a Pilot House Fishing Boat, Waves, Sun Breaking Through the Clouds, Dutch Masters, Deeply Impressionist, Acrylics, & Oils
Prompt: Michelle Trachtenberg as a mermaid, underwater, realistic oil painting by gustave dore, capcom, anime,  very coherent. by makoto shinkai, symmetrical rendering, procedural rendering, valeriy vegera, art deco city background, art by Turine Tran, dark mode, soft facial features, by justin gerard and greg rutkowski, volumetric light effect made by ivan aivazovsky, by Kelly Sue Deconnick, tekkon kinreet
Prompt: caricatura de un pinguino con gorro y bufanda
Prompt: lamborghini
Prompt: a beautiful house in the jungle in the sunset while there is a campfire outside and next to it is a cute cat
Prompt: caricatura de un perro con gorro y bufanda
Prompt: ducks out for harambe
Prompt: Desert alleyway with an sunny garden
Prompt:  2 grands arbres, jardins potager, des enfants blanc et noir jouent au ballon , ciel bleue nuages blanc, style manga
Prompt: Lionel Messi with Real Madrid Jersey
Prompt: alleyway with a green garden flourishing
Prompt: Taal Station at Bocaue Bulacan along the north western main line circa August 2023
Prompt: hyper-realistic Tiefling character, fire hands, fantasy character art, dnd, warm tones, dark background, tattoo 'i love peace', high quality, hyper-realistic, fantasy art, detailed fire effects, intricate horns, intense gaze, professional, warm lighting, atmospheric illustration
Prompt: fallen male angel with broken wings sitting in a dirty alleyway at night under street lights
Prompt: futuristic, whimsical, blue robot, mesmerizing pieces of art that stand out for their delicate beauty, nostalgic charm, and sophisticated minimalism. Each artwork will be a timeless addition to any collection, capturing the essence of tranquility and elegance.
Prompt: A humanoid animal king tiger with a crown, TIFF
Prompt: Tall slim gorgeous young brunette performing yoga in back drop of Rakaposhi mountain taken where the model's silhouette is visible and face is not.
Prompt: "Create a modern, minimalist t-shirt design inspired by urban streetwear and contemporary art. The design should incorporate geometric shapes, bold lines, and a limited color palette of black, white, and one accent color of your choice. Think about how the design can reflect the energy and vibrancy of city life while maintaining a clean and stylish aesthetic."


Geometric Skyline:

Design a stylized city skyline using geometric shapes and lines.
Use black and white as the primary colors, with a pop of neon blue or red for accents.
Incorporate elements like skyscrapers, bridges, and abstract representations of buildings.
Abstract Faces:

Create a series of abstract, minimalist faces with bold lines and shapes.
Use a monochrome palette with one vibrant accent color (e.g., neon yellow) to highlight certain features.
Position the faces in a way that they seem to interact with each other, creating a dynamic and engaging design.
Typographic Art:

Use bold, modern fonts to create a typographic design with a motivational quote or a single impactful word (e.g., "Evolve").
Integrate geometric shapes and lines to frame the text.
Play with negative space and alignment to keep the design clean and visually appealing.
Futuristic Circuitry:

Design a pattern inspired by circuit boards and technology.
Use thin, intricate lines to create a detailed, tech-inspired look.
Highlight certain paths or nodes with a bright accent color like electric green or orange.
Nature Meets Urban:

Blend urban and natural elements, like a geometric cityscape merging with abstract representations of trees or mountains.
Use earthy tones like olive green or burnt sienna as the accent color.
Keep the design balanced with both urban and natural motifs interwoven seamlessly.
Prompt: hyper-realistic human male, Eddard has a long face and long brown hair. His closely-trimmed beard is beginning to grey, making him look older than his thirty-five years. His dark grey eyes reflect his moods, turning soft as fog or hard as stone. Eddard is shorter and less handsome than his older brother Brandon had been, according to Catelyn Stark; however, she also states that Ned has a "good sweet heart beneath his solemn face". He keeps faith with the old gods. He is fiercely protective of his wife and children, whom he loves deeply, fantasy character art, illustration, dnd, warm tone
Prompt: full body portrait of a Candlelight,with a dark creature, surrounded by white wolves in the style of a crisp neopop illustration, in pink and red colors, with a 50s-60s retro print aesthetic and clean lined composition featuring minimalism against a dark pink background patterned with pale red birds
Prompt: a guy with blue hair and a white shirt with a blue and purple hair and a white shirt with a blue and purple stripe, Baiōken Eishun, computer art, no text, an anime drawing
Prompt: Through all the wars and climate crisis we find ourselves in the face of the unknown but we should never lose faith . Can we hope to count on everyone else , in the end everything may be lost , are we ready now to pay this cost
Prompt: Robbing a donut factory
Prompt: A oversized teddy in kitchen cooking.amd smoking a blunt
Prompt: Create a vintage-style poster featuring two silhouetted figures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson from behind capturing the essence of the Victorian era at night walking through busy victorian london. The poster should evoke mystery, intrigue, at night in busy victorian london

Sherlock Holmes and dr Watson:

Depict Sherlock Holmes in silhouette his classic attire: a deerstalker hat, an Inverness cape, and a pipe.

Consider including a magnifying glass or a notebook as additional elements.

Dr. John Watson:

Depict Watson in silhouette as a solid, dependable figure, slightly behind Holmes.
Dress him in typical Victorian clothing: a bowler hat, a suit, and a mustache.

The background should feature elements of Victorian London at night: gaslit streets, the iconic silhouette of Big Ben, and foggy alleys.
Include the famous 221B Baker Street door as a central or side element.

Use a color palette of dark sepia tones and muted colors to evoke a vintage, old-world feel.
Add shadows and fog to enhance the mysterious ambiance.

Consider incorporating a collage of iconic symbols: a violin, a pocket watch, a handwritten letter, or a map of London.
Add a subtle pattern or texture to the background to give it an antique poster look.
Overall Mood:

A sense of mystery and intellect.
Nostalgic and vintage, with a focus on the classic detective era.
Intriguing and inviting, prompting viewers to delve into the world of Sherlock Holmes.
Prompt: a mixed group of people having a good discussion and coming to an agreement as to what to do together
Prompt: cavemen with fire
Prompt: nautical theme, black backdrop,
Prompt: clown women with colorful hair and facial tattoos, depth of field, bokeh, f2.8 lens, shot by Sony A7s3 --ar 128:85 --v 6.0 --style raw
Prompt: looking through a piece of glass that has been broken, then repaired. Seeing the world clearly through the glass.
Prompt: nautical theme, black backdrop, Nautical star fading into a cross anchor,  dim lit red skull and cross bones in background, the letter B on the skull
Prompt: neglected alleyway
Prompt: Drawing of Bird, Color dots, glowing blue background with light rays. The image is in the style of light rays and glowing blue background, abstract composition
Prompt: Create a girl. Tall, thin, with broad shoulders. Pale skin. Sharp face. The eyes are purple. Black hair on two sides, the animal is smooth, with needles sticking out to the bottom, like a hedgehog. On the ears are rows of black pearls. On the head is a laurel wreath - green. A girl in a blue dress, which becomes blue towards the bottom with a gradient. Dress in black pearls. A golden glow surrounds the girl.
Prompt: Newly reconstructed Valenzuela Station at valenzuela city along the north western main line circa August 2023
Prompt: Marilao Station at Marilao Bulacan along the north western main line circa August 2023
Prompt: High-quality digital illustration of students amazed by a teaching AI, futuristic robotic setting, detailed expressions of awe, modern digital art, bright and vibrant colors, futuristic, ultra-detailed, digital illustration, modern, amazed expressions, futuristic AI, robotic setting, vibrant colors, high-quality, detailed
Prompt: Mecha underwater submarines, deep sea diving, SIM battle, torpedoes flying around, aquatic alien creature
Prompt: Malinta Station at valenzuela city along the north western main line circa August 2023
Prompt: A German Sheperd dog riding on a Harley easy rider motorcycle with sunglasses