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example-person in Paris
person in Paris
example-person in Desert
person in Desert
example-person in Jungle
person in Jungle
example-Soda-cans on a table
Soda-cans on a table
example-Soda-cans in the grass
Soda-cans in the grass
example-Soda-cans on the beach
Soda-cans on the beach

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Flow-App info: 🔴 ① Upload a starting image of an object, person or animal etc. 🔴 ② Use one or two words to describe the object you want to keep. 🔴 ③ Describe what you would want as a new background, start with the word(s) used in step 2. for best results! 🔴 Press CREATE to see the result ! 💚 And hit Like! if the results are satisfying !