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hyperrealistic mixed media image of Joe Biden eating a live squirrel, stunning 3d render inspired art by István Sándorfi and Greg Rutkowski, perfect facial symmetry, realistic, highly detailed attributes and atmosphere, dim volumetric cinematic lighting, 8k octane extremely hyper-detailed render, post-processing, masterpiece,
hyperrealistic mixed media image of Joe Biden e... [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion
Width: 512Height: 512
Seed: 1512104592
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Prompt: a photo of joe biden smoking a cigar
Prompt: Joe Biden in the style of H.R. Giger
Prompt: Joe Biden as The Joker in Batman, film grain, EOS-1D, f/1.4, ISO 200, 1/160s, 8K, RAW, symmetrical balance, in-frame, Dolby Vision
Prompt: masterpiece joe biden as handsome squidward, studio lighting, award winning photo
Prompt: uhd candid photo of joe biden wearing a muzzle, with accurate face, real muzzle, uhd, studio lighting, correct face, photo by annie leibovitz
Prompt: joe biden in skyrim jail
Prompt: large joe biden in space eating hamburgers
Prompt: photo of joe biden licking an ice cream cone of poop, cinestill, 800t, 35mm, full-HD
Prompt: A portrait of Joe Biden, Enameling
Prompt: joe biden. sideshow bob. 3 5 mm. f 2. 8. award winning photograph. taken by annie leibovitz
Prompt: portrait of joe biden as the joker, symmetrical, nikon 3 5 mm photography, ultrarealistic
Prompt: ultrarealistic portrait of joe biden with a mullet haircut, canon eos r 3, f / 1. 4, iso 2 0 0, 1 / 1 6 0 s, 8 k, raw, unedited, symmetrical balance, in - frame
Prompt: Biden as a mob boss smoking a cigar
Prompt: joe biden smoking a bong
Prompt: Joe Biden eating pasta in an Italian restaurant
Prompt: joe biden as if he was a soldier during ww 2, grainy colorized photo
Prompt: president joe biden with big eyes with an aura, symmetry, realistic 5 5 mm photograph
Prompt: joe biden wearing a burger on his head, burger hat
Prompt: Joe Biden smiling with a light bulb above his head, realistic, 8k resolution, HD Quality
Prompt: Biden eating McDonald's burger
Prompt: Joe Biden is emerging from a bowl of cereal, Extremely realistic photo, trending art station
Prompt: joe biden as colonel sanders, ultra high detail, photorealistic, 8 k
Prompt: joe biden eating a marble burger
Prompt: extreme closeup portrait of 3 2 foot tall joe biden opening his mouth and screaming angrily and hungrily
Prompt: joe biden wearing a top hat
Prompt: movie still of Joe Biden as a sith lord, 4k, high resolution, lightsaber
Prompt: closeup potrait of angry joe biden holding fist up at camera, screen light, sharp, detailed face, magazine, press, photo, Steve McCurry, David Lazar, Canon, Nikon, focus
Prompt: joe biden devouring an ice cream cone with a disturbingly large mouth, potrait, award winning
Prompt: joe biden eating ice cream, gta 5 loading screen, cyberpunk lighting