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Fusion generator
Fusion generator [more]
Model: Midjourney
Width: 1024Height: 1024

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Prompt: **metatron returns to the celestial palace, heavenly, dreamlike, photorealistic, ultraviolet, high definition, unreal engine 5, intricate details, vivid, bright, colorful, audience, amphitheater, Rome, Upscaled , Hindu, blue Krishna, fractal
Prompt: chain heal mass dispel
Prompt: Flowers are magic. Fractal Outer Space DMT Eyeball Three Dimensional Render
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Prompt: photorealistic multiverse ocean gods, giant mandlebulb, shamanic shaman, metallic shaman, holographic clouds, translucent, solemn cinematic, cinematography haze, symmetric, centered, lluminated, hdr, soft ambient lighting, polished reflections, high contrast, 4k
Prompt: the black hole inside a glass jar, super realistic, hyper detailed, dramatic lighting, 4k
Prompt: fractal galaxy blasting with light, unreal engine
Prompt: ring of fire, nebula, cosmos,
Prompt: Awakening the mind to another universe, anatomical,mandala, portal, gateway, artwork by Alex Grey, volumetric lighting, octane render, ar: 2:3