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B. Austin

B. Austin


Yellow Rubber duck jeep wrangler tj
Yellow Rubber duck jeep wrangler tj [more]
Model: DynaVision XL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1901067523

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Prompt: create a realistic, hyper detailed, crisp focus, sharp focus, UHD, HDR, 128K, a hyper realistic, vibrant color color pencil technical illustration cutaway drawing, on white paper, of an isometric cherry red Jeep Wrangler disassembly parts exploded view disassembly, hyper detailed drawing, in the style of Norman Rockwell, Caravaggio, Steve Hanks, and Michael James Smith, using atmospheric perspective, with dramatic lighting, drawing of 
 . The drawing is predominantly adorned with rich vibrant colors, with a striking accent color, BD8B0E, adding an electrifying touch.  add negative space around object. white space. color pencil drawing

a technical illustration cutaway drawing of a small submersible disassembly parts exploded view disassembly
Prompt: High resolution, picture of off reading jeep
Prompt: the truck from district nine but a jeep
Prompt: White Jeep Wrangler  tipped over on to its roof tiring to crawl a rock wall
Prompt: Photorealistic image of a cameo-colored Jeep Wrangler, crossing a rugged river, muddy tires struggling, challenging terrain, realistic water splashes, lifelike reflections, fine details, high resolution, photorealism, off-road adventure, challenging conditions, rugged terrain, muddy tires, rough waters, lifelike textures, realistic lighting, realistic atmosphere
Prompt: jeep
Prompt: Grand Cheznaut Jeep, Brown Tinted, Dextro-Ambitornical, (Cold Lighting),
Prompt: Jeep taking a sharp turn dust flying at the wheels, clear sky's, jeep is dark mossy green, setting is on the dessert, small sand hills in the background, jeep had tinted windows black, no roads side profile of jeep, jeep looks modern and smooth, jeep has roof and spare wheel covers with black cloth on the back. Jeep is very very dark swamp green, no light colors on jeep. Sand is golden brown and there is no dead bushes, just sand jeep is taking a sharp turn and is making dust with wheels