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80s dark fantasy of 2 cowboys playing guitar in a retro futuristic movie poster with large text saying “Floor to Ceiling : Live 10/21 12:30 @ Drongo HQ” using a green and white color scheme
80s dark fantasy of 2 cowboys playing guitar in... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 1321136116
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Prompt: cowboy 
anime style
mappa studio
Prompt: Art Cowboy Western Style, carring two pistol
Prompt: doom disney poster
Prompt: wasteland destroyed hotline miami car godzilla wide shot epic post apocalyptic landscape miami nuke fire craters end of the world miami beach sunset vapor wave palm trees 80s synth retrowave delorean decal
Prompt: Make Movie Poster in the style of Drew Struzan starring Harrison Ford for 'Indiana Jones in the Valley of Dinosaurs', highly detailed
Prompt: The Lost Boys billboard, horror, dark fantasy, vampire,
Prompt: twiztid the boogieman
Prompt: album artwork of the band fauntleroy, in the style of colorful caricature, psychedelic-inspired, sublime, kawaiipunk, animated gifs, close up, sharp/prickly
Prompt: A Realistic Skeleton Dressed As A Cowboy Playing Guitar In A Seedy Desolate Grungy Bar Room.insanely detailed matte painting with rough paint strokes and textures, by Stephen Gammell, Pino Daeni, Jeremy Mann, Alex Maleev, Carne Griffiths, 16k resolution, oil on canvas, fine art, super dramatic light, sharp focus, grain, sinister, horror
Prompt: red dead redemption cover art
Prompt: 90s dark fantasy, John Carpenter movie poster with two cowboy, playing acoustic guitar, green pallet, realistic fantasy painting style similar to Frank Frazetta
Prompt: 80s ozzy ozborne album cover
Prompt: cowboy 
anime style
mappa studio
Prompt: sheriff
Prompt: ozzy ozborne album cover
Prompt: movie poster western thriller
Prompt: Cowboy playing resonator guitar
Prompt: outlaws
Prompt: Solider boy the boys
Prompt: ozzy ozborne album
Prompt: gunslinger vs demon cinema
Prompt: 3D, HD, {female}Guitarist in {Country Western Bar}Stage, expansive festive background, fog, laser lights, hyper realistic, 8K --s98500
Prompt: cowboy 
anime style
mappa studio
Prompt: ozzy ozborne album cover