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Bruno Baschiri #FRPW #anarchy #cannabis #freedom

Bruno Baschiri #FRPW #anarchy #cannabis #freedom


<mymodel>Posters, Cars, Dynamic images, Machinery, City Scapes
<mymodel>Posters, Cars, Dynamic images, Machine... [more]
Model: 12bfd0ef-f04c-4429-a170-b4dd0c585881
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 22Steps: 40
Seed: 3925413157
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Prompt: <mymodel>Posters, Cars, Dynamic images, Machinery, City Scapes
Prompt: B&W coloring book page with lots of different types of transport
Prompt: Create a visually striking artwork that transports viewers to a futuristic world dominated by technology and shadows. The scene unfolds in a sprawling metropolis where towering skyscrapers pierce the skyline, casting an eerie glow from the neon lights that illuminate the cityscape. The streets are lined with futuristic vehicles, their sleek designs reflecting the influence of both metal and digital aesthetics.

In the center of the artwork, depict a stage bathed in vibrant neon hues, where a band composed of AI-generated musicians performs a mesmerizing fusion of modern metal, djent, art pop, and dark wave. The musicians are represented by ethereal, holographic figures, emanating energy and passion as they play their instruments.

Surrounding the stage, immerse the scene in a dense atmosphere that evokes both the allure and desolation of a dystopian future. Neon signs flicker with cryptic messages, and holographic advertisements reflect off the rain-soaked streets. A dense mist hangs in the air, adding an air of mystery and intrigue.
Prompt: Psychedelic colored taxi is traveling along a bridge made of red licorice. Surreal.
Prompt: Futuristic city, with lots of gardens and high buildings, drawn in studio ghibli style, very detailed and high quality, red flags
Prompt: Cartoon-style cars, thick outlined, no background, minimalist, no shadow, high quality, cartoon, simple design, bold lines, vibrant colors