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melanie martinez beautiful sad pretty
melanie martinez beautiful sad pretty [more]

Negative prompt

Poorly rendered, unrealistic proportions, awkward expression, low-quality shading, lack of detail, blurry. a child
Poorly rendered, unrealistic proportions, awkwa... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 43867717
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Prompt: High quality photo of retro 60's birthday, dynamic portrait pose, happy, baroque pink and blue sparkling coating, shiny plastic skin, retro neon design, hyper detailed, pose in dramatic atmosphere, many luminescent energy halo, iridescent plasma, 3d octane render, retrofuturistic, cinematic, by Vava Venezia Dellert, by Nobuyoshi Araki, blue background with shiny stars
Prompt: melanie martinez
Prompt: Beautiful woman portrait wearing a black evening gown, blue eyes, black hair, dark eyes, ruby jewelry,elaborate updo hairstyle adorned with flowers, facial closeup
Prompt: Cosmic Epic Beauty, Beautiful and Gorgeous, purple roses in hair, violet eyes and lips, pretty makeup, facial closeup
Prompt: A beautiful woman, white hair with pastel purple highlights, violet eyes, blue eyeshadow, pastel blue roses in her hair, blue jewels on forehead, cartoon style
Prompt: melanie martinez
Prompt: ((best quality)), ((masterpiece)), ((realistic)),((theyeboy)) (detailed) illustration photographic , beautiful face, fairy woman,  magenta hair colour, perfect composition, hd octane render, messy wob cut,forest interior, leaf inspired dress ,high resolution scan, masterpiece, hyperrealism, delicate detailed complex, highly detailed, intricate detailed, volumetric lighting, light reflection, highly detailed concept art, trending on artstation, vivid colors, melancholic, loneliness, depressing, hopelessness, suffering
(((close up face shoot))), dim lights, 8k uhd, realistic, Nikon z9, raytracing, focus face, (sharpness:2. 0)
Prompt: colorful fairy
Prompt:  a fairy goddess, facial closeup,  black hair and aqua blue eyes, red lips
Prompt: Glamorous
Prompt: a steampunk caucasian woman with white hair sitting in car filled with flowers, art by Rinko Kawauchi, in the style of naturalistic poses, vacation dad core, youthful energy, a cool expression, body extensions, flowers in the sky, analog film, super detail, dreamy loft photography, colourful, covered in flowers and vines, inside view, shot on fujifilm XT4 --q 2 --v 5 --ar 3:4
Prompt: Jeffree Star as a alien in human woman disguise
Prompt: a beautiful woman , lots of pretty pink flowers, pink hair
Prompt: melanie martinez
Prompt: Beautiful creation, woman with flowers in her hair, pastel colors
Prompt: melanie martinez
Prompt: woman with turquoise jewels in her hair and purple roses
Prompt: a young fairy of spring, very curly hair, pink glow on cheeks,wildflowers, vivid colors, closeup
Prompt: melanie martinez
Prompt: melanie martinez
Prompt: A woman all in blue, blue eyes, pretty makeup
Prompt: full body, rosegold, light skin, normal, kiss, ombre pink shiny lipstick, shiny, fresh ,  Love, pink, pink dress, nails, rose, blush, makeup, eyelashes, doll, barbie, nail polish, soft, feminine, necklace, earrings, Dua Lipa, fair skin, lipstick, pout, pose, selfie , Masterpiece, top quality,, Best quality, Official art, beautiful and aesthetic, cute, extreme detailed, Abstract, , Colorful, highest detailed, splash_art, simple gold Jewelry, , Beautiful scenery, ink, drawing art, blonde hair, fit, light purple eyes, realistic, 8K