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Steampunk coffee shop with books, cheerful atmosphere, scattered greenery, high quality, steampunk, detailed, books, circuitry, atmospheric lighting, filled with circuitry, intricate metal details, industrial, detailed machinery, cheerful environment, scattered greenery
Steampunk coffee shop with books, cheerful atmosphere, scattered greenery, high quality, steampun... [more]
Model: DreamShaper XL1.0
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 497817902

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Prompt: A room with old brick medieval grunge wall combined with modern design made of plexiglass and lumatic ambience light.Gothic torches on the walls. Classy restaurant, minimalist interior
Prompt: a coffee shop with live music in the rooftop
Prompt: Sophisticated coffee shop for forex traders, luxury sofa seating, industrial-style ceiling with visible ducting and modern lights, relaxing atmosphere, high-end interior design, ambient lighting, professional-grade image, industrial chic, modern luxury, forex trading atmosphere, cozy ambiance, detailed modern decor, spacious and inviting, highres, professional lighting
Prompt: Create a fantasy art depiction of the Bug Bitten Tea Shop, a charming café nestled within the bustling underground city of Din Darim. Its rustic exterior features wooden beams and a whimsical sign adorned with tea leaves and insects, evoking a sense of magic and wonder. Inside, soft lighting illuminates cozy seating areas, where patrons enjoy aromatic mushroom and moss-infused teas served in delicate cups. Rumored to house a hidden backroom filled with magical curiosities, the shop exudes an air of mystery and intrigue amidst its tranquil ambiance.
Prompt: visualize the interior of a cozy well-worn pub at night with soft lights, dark leather booths, and a backlit bar in the style of a mountain lodge.
Prompt: visualization for LAMP BAR
bar will be in a modern loft style in the yard near industrial building
Prompt: I want to open a book coffee cafe. People will come and reads their books with their coffee