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Aquatic Nerd (Nova)

Aquatic Nerd (Nova)


behemoth [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1576905570

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Prompt: Demon,black eyes, UHD, 8k, side view, muscular body, very real, Very detailed, panned out, 32k, his face is visible, waterfall in flower meadow background
Prompt: a death knight with a Venom mouth (Venom movie), with horns forward on his forehead, orange fire eyes, flying, Hyperrealistic, sharp focus, Professional, UHD, HDR, 8K, Render, electronic, dramatic, vivid, pressure, stress, nervous vibe, loud, tension, traumatic, dark, cataclysmic, violent, fighting, Epic
Prompt: Disturbing, art, monster, creature, scary, dragon-like
Prompt: Watercolor, Masterpiece, best quality, 8k, dream portrait Ultra Detail, 1 cave monster, horned and winged monster, facial detail, (black: 1.3 Eyes | 1.4 many sharp fangs | 1.5 open mouth | 1.6 head horns), body detail , (1.7 standing | 1.8 two-handed | 1.9 two-footed), (Sharp claws 1.8), clearly visible face, Highly detailed, vivid view, light ((shadows, light reflections, gradations, high detail, dramatic light, intricate detail, high quality), visible shadow, white particle effect, white smoke effect, dark cave inner background with stalactites hanging above it, --v4
Prompt: an anomalous entity with a nightmarish composition. Its four arms terminate in razor-sharp claws, while kudu-like horns adorn its head, framing unsettling amber eyes. The creature's body undulates in a serpentine manner, creating an eerie silhouette, and it possesses four ostrich-like legs, it's skin is characterized by a black, slimy, and scaly texture, accentuated by bright neon yellow blotches, emitting an otherworldly glow in low-light environments. The creature's fangs are particularly menacing, dripping with a venom of unknown origin.
Prompt:  Minotaure evil icare