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The mind
The mind [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 760Height: 768
Scale: 13Steps: 51
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 1523216240
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Prompt: mind, brain, machine, nature, trees and sunlight, ships at sea, water color, spanning ocean with a ship, bright, equation brain
Prompt: A figure of a man sending brain waves, science fiction painting, visible brain waves emitting from his head
Prompt: Create a split image that serves as a visual metaphor for the intersection of AI and mental health. On one half of the image, feature a detailed and realistic human brain, complete with neural pathways and textures. On the other half, display a circuit board or a digital rendering of a brain, showcasing its complexity and intricate design.

Connect the two halves with elements that blend seamlessly into both sides. This could be neural pathways morphing into digital lines or vice versa. The connecting elements should symbolize the integration of human cognition and artificial intelligence, emphasizing their potential to influence each other in the realm of mental health.

Use a harmonious color scheme and lighting to make the two halves feel like parts of a unified whole. The final image should provoke thought about the relationship between AI and mental health, encouraging viewers to consider the possibilities and implications.
Prompt: the knowledge of the world getting absorbed into a persons brain, detailed, colorful, high resolution, intense,
Prompt: Soul separating from my brain
Prompt: Image an entire human made of glass and colors with a head drawn from a brain.
Prompt: Inside the mind of OpenArt
Prompt: lluminated highly detailed representation of the mind in relation to the brain abd heart, high color detail, 4k, ultra realistic.
Prompt: Mastering The Mind Book Cover:  Brain with Atoms circling in a blueish hue in an astral plain. Brain waves, Frequency
Prompt: light up diagram about the human brain in a woman head in pastel colors
Prompt: the human mind corrupted by hatred
Prompt: A computer master brain shining in a dark room Ultra detailed 8K
Prompt: The mind is nothing but the brain itself.
Prompt: The mind is nothing but the brain itself.
Prompt: Create a book cover for a book titled: denial of the mainstream consensus with neuroscience themes
Prompt: The mind of God
Prompt: depressed student with visible brain
Prompt: digital brain for Cognitive psychology
Prompt: abstract art that shows the brain of a creative writer
Prompt: a simple vector logo design of head profile with spirals inside by Sagi Haviv in teal color