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Donald Trump as the Terminator
Donald Trump as the Terminator [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 363011620
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Prompt: ((best quality)), ((masterpiece)), ((realistic)), (detailed) illustration photographic,Donald Trump,perfect composition , chiaroscuro,hd octane render,high resolution scan, masterpiece, hyperrealism, delicate detailed complex, highly detailed, intricate detailed, volumetric lighting, light reflection, highly detailed concept art, trending on artstation, vivid colors, melancholic, dim lights, 8k uhd, realistic, Nikon z9, raytracing, focus face, (sharpness:2. 0)
Prompt: Donald Trump with blue textured superhero suit and american flag cape
Prompt: Donald Trump as a cyborg cyberpunk Borg resistance is futile
Prompt: Creepy Fascist Donald Trump, Orange Mussolini in Uniform  detailed hyper-realistic style
Prompt: Donald trump gangster, criminal
Prompt: Make Donald trump Donald trump combined with Donald trump
Prompt: Donald Trump looking like a goof
Prompt: Donald Trump drawn by Basquiat
Prompt: A rendition of a plastic doll of Donald Trump. Action Figurine. Shiny. Plastic. Out of focus background. Serious hyper detailed face. Hyper realistic. Well lit high quality picture.
Prompt: President Donald Trump John Wick
Prompt: donald trump explodes
Prompt: Trump in Saints Row, guns, cartoony, purple atmosphere, extremely detailed painting by Greg Rutkowski and by Henry Justice Ford and by Steve Henderson
Prompt: Photorealistic Donald Trump punching the viewers point of view in anime art style
Prompt: Donald Trump Terminator
Prompt: Donald Trump mug shot
Prompt: Donald Trump portrait, realistic, young, handsome
Prompt: actual photo of donald trump as  cat pirate, surprise me
Prompt: President Donald Trump Geronimo
Prompt: photo realistic portrait of Donald Trump, centered in frame, facing camera, symmetrical face, ideal human, 85mm lens, f8, photography, ultra details, natural light, light background, photo, Studio lighting
Prompt: Draw a realistic Donald Trump in a prison uniform
Prompt: President Donald Trump in a courtroom sketch