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rogue one

rogue one


full body, Vikings, Kathryne Winnick, white fox spirit animal, light ice blue eyes, white hair, HD 8k UHD, light blue glow aura around character,
full body, Vikings, Kathryne Winnick, white fo... [more]
Model: DynaVision XL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 726388380
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Prompt: "Craft an evocative digital artwork featuring Du'arthra, daughter of Lord Aelar, amidst the mystical realm of Irontree, infused with wolf imagery. Envision her amidst the untamed beauty of the Feywild, her medium skin tone glowing beneath the moonlit canopy of ancient trees. Render her with an athletic yet well-curved figure, exuding strength and vitality reminiscent of a prowling she-wolf. Portray her auburn hair flowing like a fiery mane, echoing the wild spirit of the wolf. Let her amber eyes gleam with the fierce intelligence and cunning of a predator, surveying her surroundings with a mixture of determination and mischief. Surround her with elements of nature and magic intertwined with wolf symbolism, such as swirling patterns of energy reminiscent of a wolf's howl, or ethereal wolf spirits running alongside her. Capture the essence of Du'arthra's untamed spirit and fierce independence, embodying the primal beauty of the wolf within the enchanted landscape of the Feywild."
Prompt: final fantasy art style, spirit animal, fox, head only, light ice blue eyes, white hair, HD 8k UHD, gamer, logo, light blue glow
Prompt: final fantasy art style, spirit animal, fox, head only, light ice blue eyes, white hair, HD 8k UHD, gamer logo, light blue glow
Prompt: HD 4k 3D, hyper realistic, professional modeling, enchanted Japanese Warrior Princess - San, strong, beautiful, magical, wolves, high fantasy background, detailed, highly realistic woman, elegant, ethereal, mythical, Greek goddess, surreal lighting, majestic, goddesslike aura, Annie Leibovitz style
Prompt: crystal wolf girl, husky, perfect, wolf goddess
Prompt: A strikingly mystical creature, reminiscent of a large, magical female monster, takes center stage in this vintagepunk artwork. The image, possibly a captivating painting or a carefully captured photograph, showcases an awe-inspiring big white creature with an ethereal aura. Its mottled shade of white encompasses a weathered yet mesmerizing appearance, emanating an air of enigmatic beauty. Every minute detail of this creature's otherworldly form, from its intricate scales to its flowing mane, is portrayed with exquisite quality, capturing the viewer's attention. This artistry exudes a sense of vintage charm while simultaneously evoking a futuristic essence, lending the image a unique and captivating appeal.
Prompt: a female lion anthro rogue wearing leather armor, blue and green eyes, pale grey fur, intricate details, braided hair
Prompt: HD 4k 3D, 8k, hyper realistic, professional modeling, ethereal Greek Goddess and Amazonian Queen, white hair, medium freckled skin, gorgeous glowing face, Amazonian Warrior fur armor, black jewelry and diadem, Amazon warrior, tattoos, full body, mountains, paradise, surrounded by ambient divine glow, detailed, elegant, mythical, surreal dramatic lighting, majestic, goddesslike aura
Prompt: (masterpiece, professional oil painting, epic digital art, UHD, best quality:1.5), insanely beautiful vixen ((fox)), (canine quadruped), adolescent, ice elemental, deep blue pelt covered in frost, ((insanely detailed bashful hypnotic sapphire blue eyes, sharp focus eyes)), gorgeous 8k eyes, gorgeous silver mane covered in frost, (plump:2), finely detailed fur, hyper detailed fur, (soft silky insanely detailed fur), moonlight beaming through clouds, relaxing in frosted meadow, grassy field covered in frost, cool colors, professional, symmetric, golden ratio, unreal engine, depth, volumetric lighting, rich oil medium, (brilliant auroras), (ice storm), full body focus, beautifully detailed background, cinematic, 64K, UHD, intricate detail, high quality, high detail, masterpiece, intricate facial detail, high quality, detailed face, intricate quality, intricate eye detail, highly detailed, high resolution scan, intricate detailed, highly detailed face, very detailed, high resolution