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high resolution, 12k, detailed, high quality, UHD, professional, wide view
high resolution, 12k, detailed, high quality, UHD, professional, wide view [more]
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Prompt: Appearance: Tara has long, flowing hair as dark as the night sky, with streaks of deep crimson resembling the glow of distant stars. Her eyes shimmer with a golden hue, reflecting the warmth and intensity of her inner power. She possesses an aura of strength and determination, with features that exude confidence and resilience.

Attire: Tara wears armor crafted from celestial alloys, adorned with intricate designs reminiscent of constellations and galaxies. Her attire is both practical and elegant, allowing for fluid movement while also providing protection in battle. She carries herself with a regal bearing, her presence commanding attention and respect.

Symbolism: Tara's appearance symbolizes the fiery energy and strength of the cosmos, as well as the power and intensity of celestial bodies like stars and supernovae. Her dark hair represents the depths of space, while her golden eyes signify the radiant energy that fuels the universe.

Pose: Tara stands tall and proud, her stance strong and unwavering. She holds a staff or spear made from celestial materials, its surface adorned with symbols of power and authority. Her expression is focused and determined, reflecting her commitment to defending the cosmos from darkness and chaos.

Background: Behind Tara, the night sky blazes with the light of a thousand stars, casting a warm glow that illuminates her powerful presence. Wisps of energy dance around her, swirling like cosmic winds, adding to the sense of dynamism and vitality.
Prompt: hyper-realistic Full body, female half elf character, she is a sorceress, she has violet eyes, she has long dark brown auburn wavy hair, she has tan skin, she has black eye brows and eye lashes, She is very goddess like, she is average height with an hour glass body shape, she is wearing a white grecian goddess like gown, a bright light emanates around her, She is a goddess, high quality, rpg-fantasy, detailed, night sky background
Prompt: The Tale of Lumina, the Radiant Wanderer
Prompt: Promethea represents a captivating fusion of divine qualities attributed to Goddesses, encompassing magic, art, fire, language, and power. With her Egyptian and Irish heritage, she embodies a unique blend of cultural influences, while her huge thick arms symbolize her immense strength and presence as a formidable female deity.
Prompt: chaos goddess