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e.g. male undead fighter ,black hair, gunmetal blue eyes pale skin scars dark circles depressed straight face half face gone long hair
e.g. male undead fighter ,black hair, gunmetal... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 1964648091
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Prompt: Tall, Intimidating, Large, male, Solomon Grundy/goliath D&D build, black hair,  very dark grey scarred skin, covered in bandages, dark tattered cloth armor exposes his midriff, hood of magical darkness that completely shrouds his face with a mask of darkness, large red gem between pecs in chest, Path of the Zealot Barbarian, Strong, wielding large two-handed great-axe, Fantasy setting, D&D, Dead clerics around him, undead, zombie
Prompt: ufhd7oıh2ı7hr217394, ultra pretty , vampire hunter male, dark fantasy
Prompt: Photorealistic Dark Horror Androgynies Vampire Male of with Flayed Flesh, Cenobite, Body Horror, HyperDetailed, Intricate Detail, Darkened Bone Background with interments of torture Around and screaming Victim Souls littering the landscape, Attention to Face Detail, Attention to Hand Detail, 64K UHD, Masterpiece, Epic, Frightening, Evil, Sinister, Pain and Suffering, Male half elf ranger assasin
Prompt: Scary, horror, fantasy, ominous, cinematic, 3D, HD, {Inky}man, grime, mist, expansive nightmarish background, hyper realistic, 8K --s98500
Prompt: darkly handsome young man in black cloak with long, uneven black hair, mismatched black and bright blue eyes, pale skin, sharp features, concept art, epic lighting, finely-tuned, octane rendering
Prompt: Japanese shadow warrior Yoru with blue eyes and big jaw bones
Prompt: human, young, long white hair, men, mutant, scars, black clothes, blood, black armor, boy
Prompt: dnd a thin and tall human man with long straight black hair and pale skin wearing a black toga god of death
Prompt: Handsome alien hybrid, detailed eyes, shadows emanating from the obsidian sword, a young anime man with black hair, crimson eyes, a cold expression, wearing a black trenchcoat, holding an obsidian sword emanating shadows in each of his hands fantasy , clear sparkling black glowing eyes, red eyes, intricately detailed face, black haired assassin with a fringe haircut wearing a black trenchcoat while holding an obsidian sword, intricate, highly-detailed, ultrarealistic face, large landscape, mechanics, dramatic lighting, gorgeous face, lifelike, stunning, anime young man face, short black luxurious hair with a fringe haircut, digital painting, large, artstation, illustration, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, highly detailed painting, looking at viewer, full body, photography, detailed skin, realistic, photo-realistic, 8k, highly detailed, full length frame, High detail, full body art,
Prompt: Lobo portrayed by Jason Mamoa 
 illustrated in color  by Grant Morrison
Prompt: Curly black hair shadar-kai with red eyes and grey skin.
Prompt: human, young, white hair, men, mutant, scars, black clothes, blood, light armor, boy
Prompt: One charismatic white male, ca 27 years old, dressed in elegant black gothic outfit adorned with some bone jewelry. He has long unruly black hair with three black raven feathers woven into it. Eye colour is dark grey and wears dark eyeshadow. He has the air of a dark bard or gothic musician.
Prompt: Veleno Nex is a striking figure with his long black hair cascading down his back, framing his chiseled features. His sharp, intelligent eyes are as dark as obsidian, and he carries himself with a confident, almost regal air. Despite his profession as a necromancer, his features are more akin to that of a model or a prince.

He wears a long, flowing black robe, adorned with intricate patterns and sigils, which hints at his expertise in the arcane arts.

Veleno's most notable feature is his stitched-flesh familiar, Isis, who slithers alongside him wherever he goes. This stitched-flesh familiar is a unique creation, brought to life by fusing various snakes together in a magical ritual. Isis is a fascinating creature to behold, with scales of different colors and textures covering her elongated body. She is fiercely loyal to Veleno and serves as his eyes and ears in places where he cannot go.

In battle, Veleno uses an obsidian orb to channel his magic, unleashing powerful necrotic spells and curses upon his foes. His high charisma and suave demeanor make him a natural leader and a persuasive negotiator. Despite his occupation, Veleno has a surprisingly kind and empathetic personality, which often surprises those who meet him for the first time.

he wears a black elegant cloak, and always has his orb and snake with him.
Prompt: Vampire Samurai
Prompt: a man with long crumbled black hair , wearing a black blanket , sitting edge fo the rivers styx , dark fantasy , tones of darkness , smoky eyes , tired expression , upsetting , ultra hd , volumetric lighting , unreal engine 4 , nebula, nostalgic , hyper realism , sharp focus , digital art , artstation , north lights, depressed, video game art
Prompt: zed from leauge of legends with tokyo ghoul mask showing levi face
white and black hair
Prompt: a black cloaked male elven assassin with long brown hair wearing black studded leather armor and holding a curved knife
Prompt: Another dragoon emerges. The water splashes around him as he stands upon it, His name Tvrik. His hair short in length, but a dark black, moving between that which makes something dark, to the darkest. His armored skin is the same, patterned in swirling movements in between skin that is pale. His eyes abyssal, glow with a glimmer of paleness that is gray. “Oh, I’m ready for this!” He grins while stroking his beard. He gets into a crouching position. His strong stature giving in intimidating presence.
Prompt: Full body splash art of a male follower of the goddess of pain and torture, blood, scars, piercings, leather, latex, handsome, androgynous, whip, scourge, sadism, masochism, feminine, charming, flirty, elegant, highly detailed, intricate, smooth, sharp focus, artstation, digital painting, concept art, art by greg rutkowski, alphonse mucha and John William Waterhouse, D&D, fantasy
Prompt: artistic face; highly detailed; dark fantasy horror; female lich; glowing red eyes; black lightning
Prompt: Scary, horror, fantasy, ominous, cinematic, 3D, HD, {Aqua}man, grime, mist, expansive nightmarish background, hyper realistic, 8K --s98500
Prompt: (concept art of detailed character design), a young male shadow sorcerer, detailed face, black clothes, black hair, black mist coming out of hand, wearing a long coat, Gloomy lighting, in a dark room, moonlight, Fantasy, digital art, 8k, trending on artstation,  by Greg Rutkowski, insanely detailed, trending on art station, by pascal blanche, Rutkowski, D&D character art
Prompt: man, blue skin, black hair, dark sclera, blue irises, fighting pose, metal wristbands, metal mouth, detailed face and body
Prompt: blood in water, (man), dark hair swept back, 2 necklesses , blue eyes, nice body, skinny waist,
Prompt: an oil painting portrait of a female vampire, gothic, dark, dread, horror, dark atmosphere, melancholic, sad, dark fantasy, style of vampire,