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Model: Midjourney
Width: 2304Height: 4096

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Prompt: close up robot mechwarrior with a chainsaw looking curious at me
Prompt: the medieval space knight with steampunk style is wearing a gothic skull helmet with analog scope for a left eye and a robotic laser target right eye. with steampunk. along with a steampunk gas mask with a turbine grate for the mouth piece with tubes running down it connected to a medieval suit of armor chest piece with a dragon skull and wings in the center. with samurai armor pauldrons for the shoulders. and robotic arms with medieval grieves with engraving on the entire piece of armor. the soldier also has pistons for legs with a robotic claw feet in a steampunk style.
Prompt: Chronalix is a humanoid figure composed of intricately interconnected clockwork mechanisms. Its body is a mesh of brass and copper gears, springs, and pendulums, with a central axis that serves as its spine. The entity's skin is a latticework of tiny clock faces, each displaying a different time and date. Its face is a clockwork mask with glowing blue numerals, and its eyes are two polished crystal spheres that rotate like miniature orreries. --ar 16:9 --style raw --sref --stylize 250
Prompt: highly sophisticated automated humanoid mining bot, steampunk, highly detailed, digital painting, art by Stanley Lau and Artgerm and magali villeneuve and Alphonse Mucha, artstation, octane render, cgsociety
Prompt: Close-up of knight's helmet, eyes visible, medieval theme, steampunk-inspired, religious markings
Prompt: an image of an abstract grey and black robot in futuristic clothing, in the style of tilt-shift lenses, strong facial expression, dieselpunk, marvel comics, caras ionut, made of insects, city portraits, black and white
Prompt: A modern roman military male in black military armor galea helmet of roman armor, with a gun and gas mask, background Roman futuristic Hyperrealistic, sharp focus, Professional, UHD, HDR, 8K, Render, electronic, nervous vibe, loud, tension, dark, Epic
Prompt: futuristic android character hd wallpaper, in the style of canon ts-e 17mm f/4l tilt-shift, comic book noir, canon eos 5d mark iv, digital art techniques, medium format lens, nikon pc-e micro nikkor 85mm f/2.8d, dieselpunk, black and white