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takamachi nanoha,battling,
takamachi nanoha,battling, [more]
Model: AAM
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 781043820
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Prompt: A hot girl holding a insaan le power full weapon and fling with white colour wings her eyes are Red in colour
Prompt: Flaming skull wearing a crown anime style
Prompt: (mega detailed) comic book strip style (4x+anime) bright holy arch angel warrior samurai/crusaders, giants over 20 feet standing tall, bow down to mighty warrior saints (in glory shining down from heaven) (white lightning blots imprint demons slain)(fleeing struck down) neon blue lightning skies. large sword in mighty holy warriors hand, burning city behind them smokey sky in the distance battle still wages on
Prompt: Magical boy
Prompt: powergirl, goddess, all-powerful, breaking world
Prompt: Man as a Super Saiyan God, Dokkan Battle, Fire, wearing a Black gi, night time, stars
Prompt: Fireball Tornado
Prompt: takamachi nanoha,
Space Wolf girls Amina
Prompt: anime, fine details, hypermaximum, warrior
Prompt: teenager girl arch mage of orange flame magic
Prompt: Female, human, chineese, adult, fit, walking, masterpiece, muscular, golden circlet with dark gem, tall, nicely finished (orange japanesee school uniform) with red bow, orange heeled boots, white socks, twintails, (dark hair), orange glowing light from hands (power), white slik gloves, orange shortskirt, 2 chineese red hairpins, ankles, ultra realistic, fantasy, highly detailed, (in mountains)
Prompt: sailor moon, 8K, best quality, masterpiece,blue skirt,relaxed hands
Prompt: super hero girl white brown hair flash with the planet heart behind
Prompt: unzoomed, anime character, hyperdetailed anime illustration, omnipotent galactic ruler Eternal Sailor Moon, illuminated by a soft starlight, wearing colorful iridescent intricate detailed outfit decorated with diamonds gemstones gold silver and vibranium, standing in front of the galactic core, holding her silver sword firmly, she stands with a determined air, her gaze unwavering, godly, beautiful detailed eyes, confident expression, intricate clothes with engraved silver trim, absolutely astonishing, razor sharp focus, cosmic, mesmerizing, masterpiece, UHD, 16k, HDR, ((((best quality)))), ((((extreme details))))
Prompt: space queen
Prompt: bright colors, symmetrical, beautiful little girl, one has jet-black hair and vermilion red eyes, and the other has blond hair and blue eyes, each exuding a different charm. intricate dragon horns, perfect composition, hyperrealistic, super detailed, 8k, high quality, Splash art, front, epic Instagram, artstation, hyperdetailed intricately detailed, unreal engine, intricate detail, complementary colors, concept art, 8k, heavy strokes, splash arts, full height, full body focus,
Prompt: takamachi nanoha,
Prompt: Anime Dragon girl throwing sun sized fire ball at massive earth giant
Prompt: super hero girl white brown hair flash with the planet heart behind
Prompt: butiful electric girl x ray giant sword armour red tall wings long hair aestetic yellow and a yellow aura and shining yellow orbe
Prompt: A hyperrealistic anime Eevee boy
Prompt: Flaming skull wearing a crown anime style
Prompt: super hero girl white brown hair flash with the planet heart behind
Prompt: Sailor Moon in her goddess of war form, wearing Roman gladiator armor, wielding short sword, Colosseum arena in the background, she stands with a triumphant expression, her face expresses victory, shouting, her arm raised in the air, godly, beautiful detailed eyes glowing with infinite power, absolutely astonishing, razor-sharp focus, cosmic, mesmerizing, (masterpiece), volumetric lighting, light beams, UHD, 16k, HDR, ((((best quality)))), ((((extreme details))))