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A mighty warrior
A mighty warrior [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 304644084

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Prompt: a old man in plate armor with a mace in his hand and with eye patch on his left eye and with thick gray hair and mustache, Aleksander Gine, antipodeans, epic fantasy character art
Prompt: In a voice that threatened to collapse reality, Anvlo spoke, “I hereby claim that for the next few centuries the houses of Zrios and Afron shall be cursed, their children shall be weak, arrogant, prideful, their lives filled with discord, and difficulty and no small amount of Misfortune. Their assets shall crumble, their influence diminish, and their power revoked. For their crimes, they shall dwell on the border of the Safe World, and Oblivion, not in eitherland, but inbetween. Facing the dangers of both lands, with equal standing." Anvlos voice was angry, yet a solemn tone echoed. Reality seemed to correct itself, now that Anvlos voice had calmed. Anvlo turned to the Mystics yet again, "Now, where is Nathaniel Brooks? For we have much to discuss with him."
Prompt: warrior with sword in hand
Prompt: Realistic, life-like illustration of a large male blacksmith, long brown hair, holding a large war hammer and shield, detailed facial features, high quality, realistic, fantasy, detailed hair, muscular build, professional lighting, detailed chest armor and blacksmith tools, intense gaze, rugged appearance, dynamic pose, earthy tones, atmospheric lighting
Prompt: Eddie from Iron Maiden as a Viking
Prompt: Eddie from Iron Maiden as a Viking
Prompt: masterpiece, splash art, ink painting, D&D fantasy, lightly tanned-skinned gold dwarf male barbarian, ((short stocky, barrel chested, dwarf proportions)), determined expression, medium length red hair, looking at the viewer, wearing detailed splint armor holding a huge battle axe above in one hand #3238, UHD, hd , 8k eyes, detailed face, big anime dreamy eyes, 8k eyes, intricate details, insanely detailed, masterpiece, cinematic lighting, 8k, complementary colors, golden ratio, octane render, volumetric lighting, unreal 5, artwork, concept art, cover, top model, light on hair colorful glamourous hyperdetailed medieval city background, intricate hyperdetailed breathtaking colorful glamorous scenic view landscape, ultra-fine details, hyper-focused, deep colors, dramatic lighting, ambient lighting god rays, flowers, garden | by sakimi chan, artgerm, wlop, pixiv, tumblr, instagram, deviantart