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Steven M. Tilley

Steven M. Tilley


Woman in nightclub throwing beverage in man's face
Woman in nightclub throwing beverage in man's face [more]
Model: Pixar Style XL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 14Steps: 100
Sampler: Seed: 981451470

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Prompt: Thick impasto oil painting, dark movie theater, crowded, glow illumination from screen, sad, tragic disheveled blonde-green hair, in 20s, pink cocktail dress, tiara, eating popcorn, drinking coke with straw, smeared makeup, crying, bumpy paint strokes, high quality, dark tones, dramatic lighting
Prompt: university students happily playing sport together at a university
Prompt: inside out dads Emotions personality
Prompt: A Disney Pixar Poster about a film called Kunu. The poster includes an overweight school teacher in his sixties laying on his desk, while swigging a bottle of rum. In front of him are school children typing on the laptops on their desks. Remember that this is a Pixar movie poster.

Disney Pixar
Prompt: Drink with friends at the party. Only boys in this party. They drunk

Disney Pixar
Prompt: Realistic Aliens in a 90s disco dance club, Disco ball, dance floor, clothing, happy, drinking fireball  whiskey