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a man head in a 3d image dressed up as a robot, in the style of fluid lines and curves, metallic finishes, solarization, light silver and bronze, bold, black lines, dreamlike installations, 8k resolution --ar 128:73 --style raw --v 5.2
a man head in a 3d image dressed up as a robot, in the style of fluid lines and curves, metallic... [more]
Model: Midjourney
Width: 1456Height: 832

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Prompt: Create a hyper-realistic 3D render of a futuristic android with a humanoid face and complex features. The android should have a polished, segmented helmet with a bright orange and black color scheme, embellished with circular patterns and protruding spherical nodes. It should have intense, dramatic eyes with stylized makeup and metallic orange lips to complement the helmet's color. The android's neck and shoulders should appear constructed from a flexible mesh with hexagonal openings, hinting at the sophisticated machinery beneath. The backdrop should feature an array of swirling, concentric curves in alternating dark and bright orange, enhancing the three-dimensional effect and giving an illusion of depth and motion.
Prompt: high end fashion --ar 16:9 --sref --stylize 50 --v 6
Prompt: a woman's head with silver curving lines, in the style of ray tracing, metallic finishes, surreal robotics, ancient egypt, 8k resolution, elegant, emotive faces, polished metamorphosis --ar 128:73 --style raw --v 5.2
Prompt: high end fashion --ar 16:9 --sref --stylize 50 --v 6
Prompt: Vibrant 3D rendering of abstract woman's face, metallic mirror colors, HDR, 8k resolution, looking forward, mouth slightly open, vibrant abstract, woman looking up, portrait, high quality, 3D rendering, metallic tones, vibrant colors, detailed facial features, professional lighting
Prompt: electro swing female android robot --ar 16:9 --style raw --sref --stylize 250 --v 6
Prompt: the head and shoulders of a metallic man, in the style of futurism influence, 8k 3d, stripes and shapes, machine aesthetics, exaggerated facial features, captivating gaze, idealized beauty in wide ratio
Prompt: high end fashion --ar 16:9 --sref --stylize 250 --v 6
Prompt: stylized psychedelic face of a woman in black, in the style of light silver and light gold, noir comic art, hyperrealistic murals, dc comics, mechanical designs, charming realism, chicano-inspired