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Juan Facundo Cena

Juan Facundo Cena


stoic marble statue of Epictetus, colossal, Greek mythology, cinematic, imposing presence, nature, mysterious, dramatic lighting, professional sculpting, 8K, hyper-realistic, ultra-detailed, ancient, majestic, radiant light, sky background, professional, detailed features, dramatic, imposing, highres
stoic marble statue of Epictetus, colossal, Gre... [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1368853970
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Prompt: Create a stoic-looking figure with a muscular physique, exuding strength and wisdom, representing the essence of Sotic philosophy,Embrace the Silence: Sotic Strength in Shadows,Sotic Stoic: Embrace the Silence, Embody Strength in Stillness amidst Ancient Rome,8k,realistic
Prompt: Greek man statue, deep in thought, with hands covring his eyes, marble sculpture, intricate details, high quality, realistic, classical, thoughtful expression, white marble, serene lighting, wide angle,black and white, dark mode,
Prompt: Muscular roman philosopher black and white
Prompt: Stoic marble statue of Epictetus, colossal, professional sculpting, dramatic lighting, hyper-realistic, imposing presence, ancient, majestic, Greek mythology, ultra-detailed, highres, nature, cinematic, mysterious, radiant light, detailed features, sky background, 8K, majestic, dramatic lighting, nature, mysterious, imposing presence, hyper-realistic
Prompt: hyper-realistic, greek statue of a stoic man, dark brown marble, muscular, wearing a tunic, detailed sculpting, ancient, high-quality, realistic, classical, atmospheric lighting, professional, detailed features
Prompt: Greek god statue, marble, 3D, High quality, realistic
Prompt: Cinematic 8K hyper-realistic, stoic marble statue of Epictetus, black background, Greek mythology, colossal, illuminated by radiant light, ultra detailed, is characterized by its imposing presence. full of nature background
Prompt: Cinematic 8K hyper-realistic, caved in marble stoic, Epicteto, ancient philosopher, detailed facial features, marble sculpture, high quality, hyper-realistic, ancient, stoic expression, intricate carved details, dramatic lighting, classical, detailed beard, traditional, marble texture, historical, philosophical, cinematic, iconic pose, realistic shadows, ancient Greek, monumental, grayscale tones, atmospheric lighting