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In a wide frame, capture a metallic face, ornate with detailed maze motifs, appearing from a sea of upright metal rods. The introspective eyes radiate awareness, set against the cold, intricate maze surface.
In a wide frame, capture a metallic face, ornate with detailed maze motifs, appearing from a sea... [more]
Model: Other
Width: 1792Height: 1024

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Prompt: 'face in the dark' image from the artist 'apollos tzavahniki', in the style of high-tech futurism, stop-motion animation, horizontal stripes, chrome reflections, light silver and dark navy, mind-bending patterns, futuristic robots
Prompt: Wide digital art of a face, adorned with black and white stripes, capturing the essence of high-tech futurism. The backdrop showcases video feedback loops intertwined with chrome reflections, giving the illusion of a three-dimensional puzzle. Robotic elements are subtly incorporated into the design.
Prompt: Wide render of a 3D person of Hispanic descent with maze-like designs on their forehead, blending the themes of interference patterns and neon-lit art nouveau. The strong facial expression is the highlight amidst the symmetrical surreal surroundings.
Prompt: Wide photo of a face featuring black and white stripes, integrated with elements of high-tech futurism. The face is surrounded by video feedback loops and chrome reflections, giving it a three-dimensional puzzle appearance. The ambiance is further enhanced with robotic motifs.
Prompt: Wide image of a pixel face from flit til i die 1, inspired by spherical sculptures.
Prompt: Op art, collage, goldblocks, brutalism, arabic calligraphy graffiti black and white portrait by christian hilfgott brand, behance contest winner, pop surrealism, behance hd, dc comics, reimagined by industrial light and magic gold and epic<mymodel>
Prompt: A 3D vector artwork that mimics the style and colors of the original image, showcasing the figure with defined facial features. The undulating vertical stripes, alternating between the original stark blacks and soft grays, envelop the design. The crimson bursts from the original palette accentuate the depth, emphasizing the hypnotic and elusive ambiance. --ar 16:9 --sref --stylize 0
Prompt: A chrome-like face adorned with intricate maze patterns emerges from a cascade of vertical metallic rods. The solemn eyes seem sentient, juxtaposed against the lifeless, labyrinthine surface.
Prompt: black and white striped face, in the style of chrome reflections, quantum wavetracing, uhd image, light bronze and dark blue, multimedia installation, futurist influences, selective focu in wide ratio