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A futuristic humanoid robot with a glossy black exterior is adorned with intricate orange lighting and details. Its head features an illuminating blue eye, resembling a high-tech visor, and its body glistens with mechanical intricacies set against a dimly lit backdrop.
A futuristic humanoid robot with a glossy black... [more]
Model: Midjourney
Width: 1456Height: 816
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Prompt: An artistic macro photo focusing on the sophisticated design of a robot, bathed in neon-orange glows against a dark backdrop. The photo combines a close-up view with an artistic touch, highlighting the intricate details and pulsating lights to evoke a sense of mystery and intelligence.
Prompt: neon lit robot, glowing in the dark, in the style of precisionist art, superheroes, fashwave, 8k, afrofuturism, iconic album covers, sleek lines
Prompt: a big robot with earphones and a camera, in the style of beeple, shiny eyes, brothers hildebrandt, cyril rolando, close up, bulbous, octane render
Prompt: military nousr robot, warframe, character design, detailed face, highly detailed, intricate details, symmetrical, digital 3d, hard surface, real-time, vfx, volumetric lighting, ambient light, ultra hd, hdr
Prompt: anime masked robot energiy, in the style of symmetrical grid, blocky, animated gifs, dark silver and orange, catcore, cartoon mis-en-scene, 2d
Prompt: Create a hyper-realistic 3D render of a futuristic android with a humanoid face and complex features. The android should have a polished, segmented helmet with a bright orange and black color scheme, embellished with circular patterns and protruding spherical nodes. It should have intense, dramatic eyes with stylized makeup and metallic orange lips to complement the helmet's color. The android's neck and shoulders should appear constructed from a flexible mesh with hexagonal openings, hinting at the sophisticated machinery beneath. The backdrop should feature an array of swirling, concentric curves in alternating dark and bright orange, enhancing the three-dimensional effect and giving an illusion of depth and motion.
Prompt: Create a wide-format image inspired by the given image, featuring a futuristic female android with a glossy, reflective surface. She is wearing a high-tech helmet with a visor, which has a sleek, curved design that wraps around her head. The android is equipped with sophisticated, noise-cancelling headphones that have a robust, cushioned over-ear design. The background should be a digital cyberspace environment, glowing with neon blue lights and abstract digital elements, simulating a high-speed data stream. The atmosphere should convey a sense of advanced technology and cybernetic enhancement, with sparkling light effects and intricate circuit-like details in the surroundings.
Prompt: An artistic macro photo that intimately captures the essence of a robot against a dark background, with a stark white exterior and neon-orange highlights. The artistry of the photo lies in its focus on the minute details and the vibrant lights, bringing the robot's intelligence and encrypted stories to life.
Prompt: neon lit robot, glowing in the dark, in the style of precisionist art, superheroes, fashwave, 8k, afrofuturism, iconic album covers, sleek lines