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emma watson, beautiful face, masculine body, bodybuilder, muscular
emma watson, beautiful face, masculine body, bo... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 701701961
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Prompt: Woman with 8 pack abs
Prompt: woman, red hair, freckles, hyperrealistic face
{{{{muscular female, absurdly large muscles}}}}, 
{{flexing bicep, giant bicep, hulking, powerful}}
full body, cleavage, hyper realistic, detailed eyes and mouth, perfect anatomy, perfect composition, approaching perfection, Detailed and Intricate, Detailed Render, 3D Render, Unreal Engine, by Greg Rutkowski, Concept Art
Prompt: realistic detailed image of a curvy, muscular female mma fighter, in a dark gym, short afro hair, highly detailed, digital painting, Trending on artstation, HD quality
Prompt: woman working out, soft face,  natural light, sun in background, detailed face, sharp eyes, one arm behind head, sweat on chest,  smirk, magazine, press, photograph, focus, hyper realistic photograph, cinematic 4k epic detailed 4k epic detailed photograph shot on kodak detailed bokeh cinematic
Prompt: Muscular woman
Prompt: young emma watson, detailed face, beautiful face, muscular, fbb, kardashian legs, bodybuilder, big legs, flare pants, tight pants, patterned pants
Prompt: strong Asian female with washboard abs in bikini
Prompt: The girl's body should be proportionate and emphasize her strength, with well-defined muscles and a toned physique. It's important to maintain a balance between beauty and strength in her figure
Prompt: strong Asian female with 6 pack abs in bikini
Prompt: strong Asian female with 6 pack abs in bikini posing
Prompt: strong Asian female with 6 pack abs in bikini
Prompt: drill bit, fitness, technology, machine, chrome, face, mechanic, robot, barbell, strong, hydraulic, simmetrical, woman
Prompt: close up Selfie of a woman with toned abs wearing wet clothes, highly detailed, shot with iphone, close up selfie, gym selfie, amateur selfie, onlyfans post, leak
Prompt: fitness beautiful blonde model
Prompt: mature female beautiful, uncensored, explicit, big chest, no-bra, no-top, no-blouse, fix face, hyperrealist, very detailed face, muscle thin body, detailed hands, fix fingers, detailed face features, realistic skyn, fix mouth, contrasted lights soft, smooth face-nose-mouth, correct hands
Prompt: She is standing in living room