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Seamless Data Access for Patients by doctors world wide by virtue of Health Information Exchange through Hlthtek Tools piggybacking on ABDM Digital Gateway benefitting Global Healthcare. Patients in turn seeing their own health records in their Mobile
Seamless Data Access for Patients by doctors world wide by virtue of Health Information Exchange... [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1958753084

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Prompt: solving a complex problem in healthcare through data and innovation, in which the patient is the central point of attention. Collaboration between healthcare providers and data scientists
Prompt: patient safety with use of technology
Prompt:  Medical Symbol: Incorporate elements like a cross, stethoscope, or heart to represent healthcare and medical services.Calendar Icon: Include a calendar or clock to signify appointment scheduling and reminders.Heartbeat Line: A heartbeat or EKG line to symbolize health monitoring and care.Telemedicine: Elements like a video call icon to highlight telemedicine integration.Color Scheme: Use calming and trustworthy colors such as blue, green, or a combination of complementary colors. Accent colors can be used for highlights.Typography: Clear, modern, and professional fonts that convey reliability and ease of use.Style:Modern and Clean: The design should be sleek and professional, with a modern look that appeals to both patients and healthcare providers.Friendly and Approachable: The logo should feel welcoming and convey a sense of care and trust.Text:Main Text: "HealthEase"Tagline: "Patient Care Simplified"
Prompt: Medical Care:
When was your last check-up with a healthcare provider? Do you have any upcoming appointments scheduled?
Prompt: Call us to receive free medical consultation from renowned Doctors in your area. Give us a call at Sugam HealthCare 
+91 9999 9999
Prompt: a vector image reflecting the idea ai helping patients and help patients connect with the doctors
Prompt:  doctor

Prompt: doctor prescribing medicines to patientusing a computer
Prompt: personalized medicine, doctor gives medications to patient without generalizing medicine
Prompt: high resolutions 3d image of a handsome male doctor sitting at his desk discussing his patient's health
Prompt: cartoon humans with a 2d minimal look helping a patient
Prompt: A woman holding an electronic device connected to a patients electronic medical record, to wearables, claims data, pharmacy data and clinical trial data, with a modern and scientific appearance linked to big data and artificial intelligence. Create it in a way that it shows connections of data to the physician’s device.
Prompt: Consider a background that blends medical imagery like a stethoscope, heartbeat line, or medical equipment with elements of data science such as data visualization charts, binary code, or circuit patterns. You could overlay text that combines both fields, like "Bridging Medicine and Data Science" or "Exploring the Intersection of Healthcare and Analytics." This combination visually represents your expertise in both areas and can catch the attention of professionals in both fields.
Prompt: a kind and smart doctor answering a question
Prompt: Diverse group of healthcare professionals united to serve the patient
Prompt: Comunicación activa. Una enfermera escucha atentamente a un paciente de la tercera edad se le muestra atenta, respetuosa y haciendo anotaciones con la información que su paciente proporciona.
Prompt: 1 screen only
Mobile Application Interface Vietnam:


Electronic trading platform for:
Insurance packages

Emergency notification button for giving way to emergency vehicles:
Location: Top right corner of the interface
Color: Eye-catching (e.g., red, orange)
Icon: Red cross or emergency vehicle

Modern, simple, easy to use
Primary colors: White, green (colors of the medical field)

Clear, sharp product images
Illustrations for insurance packages
Prompt: health technology, healthcare, finance
Prompt: Cartoon illustration of a rescue, hospital scene, ambulance arrival, medical team, concerned expressions, bright and colorful, cartoon style, detailed hospital equipment, professional care, emotional rescue, vibrant colors, cheerful atmosphere, high quality, cartoon, hospital setting, rescue scene, colorful, detailed medical equipment, professional care, emotional, vibrant, cheerful, bright
Prompt: smiling veterinary technician, talking on the phone and typing on keyboard, 4k, futurism art style
Prompt: Experienced healthcare professional from diverse ethnic groups like non Hispanic black, white and origin team looking confident and happy. should be in landscape format and fit website
Prompt: Doctor wearing face mask, commercial, city background, widescape
Prompt: Generate framework of conducting medication reconciliation for patients using Machine learning too
Prompt: Therapeutic doctor is treating patient
Imagine a 3D illustration with a heart placed on a podium in the center of the scene with white gradient background. Surrounding the podium are doctors, each holding a stethoscope and examining the heart with interest and care. Their expressions should convey professionalism and dedication to cardiovascular health. The lighting should highlight the importance of the scene, emphasizing the significance of heart health.
Prompt: medical icon, modern, high resolution