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smart strawberry cartoon family
smart strawberry cartoon family [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 315471389
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Prompt: character crazy and cute with green eyes and strawberry custom
Prompt: A black and white outline of a family picking apples, with a white background.
Prompt: fruits in space
Prompt: Strawberry elephant
Prompt: Illustration of kids in classroom
Prompt: clip art three boys under the tree in the park. talking on how to make the environment greener, cleaner and beautiful. helping the environment by recycling, not loitering and making the environment clean
Prompt: Ah photo of a strawberry pattern, ring light, indoor, whit pastel bright colors, 3D render
Prompt: vietnamese kids age 8 to 15 with different clothes are  planting trees and watering trees in school playground in a rural area, children book illustration
Prompt:  cute happy strawberry friends in the sky. 3d polymer blend, 3d pixar
Prompt: kids cooking illustrations
Prompt: studio ghibli  style
Prompt: blue strawberries
Prompt: A cute cartoon blue fluffy rabbit on a ice cream planet with strawberry trees on the background.
Prompt: A cute girl with a basket of tomatoes in cartoons style in a wonderland
Prompt: cartoon image in which only one cartoon charactor stands with DSLR camera in their hand  give at least 10 images
Prompt: cute kawaii strawberries pattern
Prompt:  animated 
berries with the color #855656
Prompt: Strawberry for your health
Prompt: Picture of fruits and vegtables on winding vine cartoonish quality
Vines throughout picture
Prompt: create some cartoon  berries  for me
Prompt: Strawberry Ice cream cone anime
Prompt: Cinnamoroll holding a strawberry
Prompt: alive strawberry holding a knife
Prompt: many kids, happy, diversity, front view, captcha: "International Children's Day"