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high resolution, 4k, detailed, high quality, professional, wide view
high resolution, 4k, detailed, high quality, professional, wide view [more]
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Prompt: DMT machine elves
Prompt: a psychedelic girl on psychedelic magic mushrooms, her pupils are hugely dilated, with stars in her eyes she perceives ineffable geometries, colors that do not exist, fractals, the astral reality of her nature, while surrounded by psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, liberty caps, hallucinations and hallucinogenic mushrooms in a psychedelic poster art illustration <mymodel>
Prompt: A surreal 70s sci-fi psychedelic collage all about MUSHROOMS. Realistic retro photographs/scientific illustrations of All kinds and colors of mushrooms/fungus (including but not limited to mushrooms, turkeytail, bracket and shelf fungi, puffballs, earth stars, stinkhorns, scizzophyllum commune, psilocybe cubensis, shaggy mane, parasol fungus, and more). They are to be collage spliced together with photos and elements such as outer space, alien/surreal/mountain landscapes, eyes, space scenes/night sky, trippy psychedelic patterns/optical illusions, bright vivid colors, geometric shapes<mymodel>
Prompt: Super powered librarian lady with glowing aura, psychedelic detail, high quality, vibrant colors, surreal, magical, detailed eyes, ethereal lighting, fantasy, mystical, vibrant aura, powerful, professional, 4k, ultra-detailed, surreal, psychedelic, vibrant colors, mystical
Prompt: <mymodel>Gaia, Mother Earth personified as a deity in outer space, psychedelic poster art illustration, cosmic colors, swirling galaxies, ethereal and glowing, intricate details, vibrant and surreal, high quality, psychedelic, outer space, cosmic, deity, Mother Earth, vibrant colors, swirling galaxies, ethereal, glowing, intricate details, surreal, poster art, illustration, cosmic colors, vibrant, detailed, highres