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Ben tate's Fursona, Portrait, Detailed artwork, 8k
Ben tate's Fursona, Portrait, Detailed artwork, 8k [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion
Width: 768Height: 768
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Prompt: Ben tates's Fursona, Portrait, Detailed artwork, 8k
Prompt: female
Prompt: highres, fursona, canine, cute, blep, white and purple fur, purple eyes, blue pupil
Prompt: Ben tate's Fursona, Portrait, Detailed artwork, 8k
Prompt: anime girl
Prompt: anime portrait of a Anthropomorphic Dog Furry, anime eyes, beautiful intricate black fur, shimmer in the air, symmetrical, in Touhou style, concept art, digital painting, looking into camera, square image
Prompt: male
Prompt: sweetie fox smiling
Prompt: Roxanne the wolf, wearing spike collar, detailed artwork, 4k
Prompt: Furry art, furry, Black-furred, Blue eyes, Furry, Fursona, Collar, black nose
Prompt: anime boy
Prompt: (8k, UHD, highly detailed, hyper detailed, masterpiece, detailed oil painting) portrait of [fire elemental] ((fox)), (canine quadruped), adolescent female, detailed silky (crimson-red fur), {gleaming yellow-green eyes}, 8k eyes, youthful, lively, lithe, bounding, {black fur highlights}, sharp focus, cinematic, dynamic view, worm eye view, in a magical cave filled with highly detailed craggy rocks, covered with sparkling gems, gems of many colors, air filled with hollowed blue glow, vivid colors, brilliant colors, long silky hair on crest, plump, (rows of pink blossoming sakura trees), highly detailed ruins, umber red mane, wispy brown ears, wispy ruby-red mane, flowers on fur, snow-capped trees, snow on fur, forest, silky bushy tail, billowing mane, professional, unreal engine, dynamic, intricate detail, intricately detailed fur, highly detailed face, best quality, highly detailed mouth, 4k, 16k, 64k, HDR, unreal 5, artstation, deviant art, instagram, trending, perfect composition, symmetric, golden ratio
Prompt: a werewolf girl with ears and a tell