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Phoenix Chau

Phoenix Chau


lion in forest high quality unreal engine 8k close up realistic super glow magical
lion in forest high quality unreal engine 8k close up realistic super glow magical [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1622837325

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Prompt: Lion sitting proudly and majestically in the Red Wood forest
Prompt: Hyperrealistic lion face with scratch on left eye, roaring angry
Prompt: warrior (lion) with {bright scarlet fur} and {ruby red eyes}, feral lion, kitsune, nine-tailed lion, gorgeous anime portrait, beautiful cartoon, beautiful 8k eyes, elegant {red fur}, four-legged, quadruped, pronounced scar on chest, oil painting, modest, gazing at viewer, fiery red eyes, glistening golden hair, furry golden paws, low angle view, 64k, hyper detailed, expressive, graceful, beautiful, small lithe cat, expansive silky golden mane, shining fur, deep starry sky, UHD background, golden ratio, precise, perfect proportions, vibrant colors, standing majestically on a tall crystal stone, hyper detailed, complementary colors, UHD, HDR, top quality art, beautiful detailed background, unreal 5, artstaion, deviantart, instagram, professional, masterpiece
Prompt: Brave and powerful realistic lion, sunny African savanna, high quality, realistic, warm tones, detailed mane, intense gaze, majestic, wildlife art, detailed grass, vibrant colors, realistic lighting, at sunset.
Prompt: Dangerous lion  hyper realistic picture png