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Francisco Mesquita

Francisco Mesquita


The power of knowledge in black/grey tone
The power of knowledge in black/grey tone [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ 2M SDE KarrasSeed: 1479063505
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Prompt: By Alexander Jansson and Jean Baptiste Monge and Mark Brooks || magical glittery golden MUSIC NOTES and music staffs coming out of the pages of a huge magical music book, glittery rainbow reflections everywhere, stars, reflections, radioluminescent glitter, magic everywhere, sparkles, intricate, hyperdetailed, there's something everywhere, beautiful
Prompt: Open book emitting glowing light, elegant design, scholarly atmosphere, soft lighting, intricate details, high quality, warm tones, professional, symbolic, detailed typography, subtle shadows, calligraphy, inviting ambiance, cozy feel
Prompt: (Book of end times) Grimoire, dangerous, magical, huge, beautiful, ominous, magical symbols, Menacing, Majestic, harp focus, vivid color, intricate details, highly detailed, UHD, HDR, 8K, ((Masterpiece))
Prompt: Remember, your dreams have the power to shape your reality.
Prompt: Knowledge Knowing One
Prompt: clouds and lace, 432hz, healing sound, healthy light, airy boba, pearls, diamonds and crystals, all in light source, 5D lamp. open book, the book is open about halfway, the pages are supported by a small branch 82k, a small lamp is attached to the end of the branch 3000PDI, a lamp, a small cute fairy is sitting on the page of the book next to the branch 3000PPI, space, the universe is divided in half by an invisible, transparent plate, a sudden explosion splits it and the fragments spread throughout the universe in the air, the fragments reflect starlight, the light of the planets, gases, lacy fog columns wind through 82k, anime, painting, 3d render, cinematic, fashion, product, illustration. in the foreground, the tree of life, a tree surrounded by triangles, circles of different material, size and material, in a circle 3D 82K, mirror mosaics, diamonds, precious stones and pearls, as if from interplanetary travels. Two people passionately embracing the trunk, sculpture, hands in the air, bent, tree branches form from them, natural, artistic, cinema, photo, illustration, pastel tones, gray and white, creamy with gilded veins, marble, mixed different styles. Background, behind tree, space, cosmic universe, space colors, with planets, stars, gaseous, lace nebula, diamonds, pearls, soap bubbles, tree glows
Prompt: Knowledge Knowing One