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red eyes, black hair, Full lady, blonde hair, un-zipped body suit, full lips, bare top, detailed, colorful, award-winning,
red eyes, black hair, Full lady, blonde hair, u... [more]

Negative prompt

nipple, bad eye,
nipple, bad eye, [more]
Model: Realistic Vision V5.1 (Inpaint)
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1235893314
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Prompt: Red_Eyes, Slim Fitting Gear, Black_Hair, Arothgorian Princess, Cool Energy, Cinematic View, All )e729(, Red Linings
Prompt: A beautiful female superhero with black hair,a red superhero suit,a black mask,blue eyes,background a city at night
Prompt: anime girl holding a katana in a tight suit brunette hair
Prompt: (masterpiece, illustration, best quality:1.2), (floating in a blood filled pool), trimmed black hair, red eyes  wearing white robe, best quality face, best quality, best quality skin, best quality eyes, best quality lips, ultra-detailed eyes, ultra-detailed hair, ultra-detailed, illustration, colorful, soft glow, 1 woman, mature woman
Prompt: Wolf girl, long black hair with orange tips, crimson eyes, futuristic clothes, tight clothes
Prompt: Ryuko Raven is a captivating character that combines the fierce determination of Matoi Ryuko from "Kill la Kill" and the dark mystique of Rachel Roth, also known as Raven, from "Teen Titans."

Ryuko Raven has long flowing hair that transitions from vibrant red at the roots to deep purple at the tips, reflecting her dual nature. Her attire merges elements of both characters, featuring a rebellious and edgy aesthetic with a touch of gothic elegance.

She wears a stylish black leather jacket adorned with red accents, reminiscent of Ryuko's iconic outfit. The jacket has a raven emblem on the back, symbolizing her connection to the supernatural and her affinity for darkness. Underneath, she dons a form-fitting black bodysuit, representing her mysterious and enigmatic nature.

Ryuko Raven wields a scissor-like weapon with a dark and ethereal blade, embodying the power of both characters. The weapon is adorned with intricate red and purple designs, pulsating with energy. Her eyes shine with a fiery red hue, exuding intensity and a touch of otherworldly power.
Prompt: warrior girl with black armour anf giant black sword very powerful
Prompt: torn mask cursed eye hands covered with red aura black diamond in chest black robe
sitttling on a skull throne neon hair open mouth in the red sea