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Many boats are surronded by this building
Many boats are surronded by this building [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 432Height: 768
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DDIMSeed: 960042649

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Prompt: ((best quality)), ((illustration)), ((masterpiece)), fantasy, 1 girl, dark blue hair, Chinese temple, Chinese traditional costume, thick fog, bonsai trees, mountain peak
Prompt: the castle background, Nasa's samurai , anime style, dark tone
Prompt: japanese castle in ancient forest, nighttime, new moon, flagstone footpaths, digital painting, soft purple lighting, smooth textures, by thomas kinkade
Prompt: Pagoda floating through space, etheral light, full colour, WJ Turner painting style, intricate details, extremely detailed, HD, 8k
Prompt: Chinese splash art, a shaded kingdom sits atop a large hill, glowing moon in the sky.
Prompt: ultra detailed cyberpunk hybrid japanese and mystic hindu city, digital painting, ultra fine details, intricate scene, correct, surreal, sci-fi, utopian, concept art, UHD, epic perspective, 12k
Prompt: fantasy chinese xianxia landscape, cinematic lighting, Spectacular details, Epic composition, Wide angle --ar 21:9
Prompt: Beautiful chinese monk old bald, Ben Bauchau, Michael Garmash, Daniel F Gerhartz, Clint Cearley, Carne Griffiths, Jean Baptiste Monge, strybk style, warm dreamy lighting, matte background, volumetric lighting, pulp adventure style, fluid acrylic, dynamic gradients, bold color, illustration, highly detailed, simple, smooth and clean vector curves, vector art, smooth, johan grenier, character design, 3d shadowing, fanbox, cinematic, ornate motifs, elegant organic framing, hyperrealism, posterized, masterpiece collection, bright lush colors, TXAA, penumbra, alcohol paint, wet gouache, dark paranormal, concept art, h.r. giger, jeremy geddes, airbrush, sublime composition, + 36.5 mm f0 cinematic quality , low horizon, layered insanity detailed texture , lithographic style, dim dusk, atmospheric lighting, 32K, , low poly, isometric art, 3d art, high detail, artstation, concept art, behance, ray tracing, smooth, sharp focus, ethereal lighting
Prompt: colorful contrast ink painting,

hyperdetailed intricate medieval japan city, red moon, red sky

hyperdetailed intricate ink japanese-character-shape floating in the air,

windy, cinematic lighting, neon light,

album cover art, 128K resolution, masterfully crafted, 

hyperdetailed 2D vector concept art picture, vector, illustration, character concept, 2D fantasy concept art style, heroic fantasy art,

Greg Rutkowski, Huang Guangjian, CGSociety, ZBrush Central, Victo Ngai,
Prompt: misty fantasy town, athmospheric, plants, high towers, asian vibes, rocky, dramatic lighting, two chinese long haired warriors fighting, unreal engine red lanterns, backlit, old gnarly tree
Prompt: A traditional European pagoda floating in the sky fantasy oil painting
Prompt: Hide the little girl in the image in the image of a town sitting on a mountain.
Prompt: An eerie monastery on top of a cemetery lighted by a possing procession in watercolor
Prompt: a storybook ramshackle Forbidden City in the woods, intricate, elegant, fantasy, highly detailed, digital painting, concept art, sharp focus, illustration, artstation, fairytale style
Prompt: a painting of asian temple, a detailed matte painting, fantasy art, Artstation, artstation hq, matte painting, artstation hd
Prompt: Oil painting of floating oriental fantasy building with big maple tree in the sky at starry sunset, highly detailed, vivid color, 64k, smooth, high resolution, trending on artstation, makoto shinkai and rossdraws