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Johnny B. Goode

Johnny B. Goode

Steampunk City Street series 12
Steampunk City Street series


________Steampunk_City__night__street_level____... [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion
Width: 2048Height: 3072
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Prompt: batman, robine , street of gotham , car , batmobile  , real , human , ultrarealistic, perfect face, ultrafuturistic background

Illustration by Makoto shinkai.

heavenly beauty, 128k, 50mm, f/1. 4, high detail, sharp focus, perfect anatomy, highly detailed, detailed and high quality background, oil painting, digital painting, Trending on artstation, UHD, 128K, quality, Big Eyes, artgerm, highest quality stylized character concept masterpiece, award winning digital 3d, hyper-realistic, intricate, 128K, UHD, HDR, image of a gorgeous, beautiful, dirty, highly detailed face, hyper-realistic facial features, cinematic 3D volumetric,  3D anime girl, Full HD render + immense detail + dramatic lighting + well lit + fine | ultra - detailed realism, full body art, lighting, high - quality, engraved, ((photorealistic)), ((hyperrealistic))