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Prompt: on a bed theres beautiful karina from aespa, small forhead,soft red lips, semirealistic, korean girl, long straight hair, brownish hair, hair covers her cheeks, forehead, white oversized tee, red lips,, white oversized tee, black hair, black beanie, black fingerless gloves, sunshine, high quality, colorful, realistic art, inspired by wlop, "i hate those people because they dont understand me, so i hate them, no matter how good they look. genuine understanding from another person, you can't ever hate that. and that genuine feeling, that i get, only comes from you." she says to him, white oversized tee, white pleated skirt, black boots
Prompt: 3d anime woman, wispy bangs, rude, pretty, cute hairstyle, goth outfit, and beautiful pretty art 4k full raw HD
Prompt: a korean girl, kpop idol, long hair, 17 yo, brown eyes, monolid eyes, kpop idol, perfect, is a girl, glass skin, moles, Suga of BTS, narrow face, golden ratio, heart shaped lips, fair skin
Prompt: 3d anime woman, rude, pretty, cute hairstyle, goth outfit, and beautiful pretty art 4k full raw HD
Prompt: girl, bob hair, smirk
Prompt: highly detailed portrait of a pretty young cute girl, looking at the camera, white hairs, eyeliner makeup, black skirt, black clothes, black crop top, full length, ultra-realistic soft sun lighting, Redshift Render, hd, 4k, 8k, artstation, illustration, teenager, in style of sam yang, in style of greg rutkowski
Prompt: woman, black hair, 20 years old
Prompt: ((Masterpiece)), AriaSaki, messy long hair, stylized , red lips, silver necklace, full body, d & d, fantasy, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, digital painting, artstation, concept art, matte, sharp focus, illustration, hearthstone, art by artgerm and greg rutkowski and alphonse mucha, 8k, HDR, UHD,  <lora:epiNoiseoffset_v2:0.8>
Prompt: 8k resolution ultra realistic picture of a beautiful girl, wearing elegant clothing, long black hair, beautiful grey eyes, depression.
Prompt: @3