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joseph antony raj

joseph antony raj

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A couple

Activity: the sun is sunset on the oceanLocation: standing on beachComposition: Portrait
Width: 768Height: 512
Seed: 318477586
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Prompt: A heartfelt,sensual scene of a 30-year-old African Christian couple   cuddling tenderly, bathed in warm, natural light, relaxed casual attire, with the woman sporting braided hair,   charming, warm lighting, cozy setting, casual wear,clock on the wall, African couple, natural light, braided hair, tender embrace, warmth, cozy atmosphere, relaxed, bedroom scenery
Prompt: Black romance book cover. Black woman with rose beige skin, freckles and dark brown two strand twists hugs black man with beige skin, long dreadlocks and hazel eyes
Prompt: Beautiful, happy young couple looking at each other, at the red-yellow sunset by the sea
Prompt: Black young woman with man that is 30 years old
Prompt: create a high detailed image of a mixed-race couple in love, in Paris France