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Indigo world of purple haze fantasy, the beautiful lady sorcerer who can control surreal dream, impressionism watercolor, 3d, extremely detailed, intricate, cinematic lighting
Indigo world of purple haze fantasy, the beauti... [more]

Negative prompt

Nipples, Nudity, scantily clad clothes, deformed face, deformed limbs, deformed eyes, crossed eyes, body deformities, deformed teeth, deformed torso, deformed chest, disproportionate body, ugly face, disfigurement
Nipples, Nudity, scantily clad clothes, deforme... [more]
Model: Crystal Clear XL
Width: 800Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Euler aSeed: 207798467
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Prompt:  evocative storytelling, digital art, intricate details, deep blues, purples, blacks, dramatic lighting. Pale fantasy maiden, standing in the midst of a ray of moonbeams, with her hair swirling down around her. She is stunning.
Prompt: Witch fairy
Prompt: Detailed and mystical portrait of a witch with ivory clear skin, long redhead hair and deep purple eyes. Gorgeous hot body, she wears rich aderent green dress, night light, forest, dramatic, charming pose, frontal, magical, fantasy, 8k, high detailed, dramatic light
Prompt: a witch
Prompt: Indigo world of purple haze fantasy, the beautiful sorcerer in a surreal dream, 3d, extremely detailed, intricate, cinematic lighting
Prompt: Beautiful witch about 40 years old with pale skin, long thin nose, thin lips large green eyes and long dark brown hair standing in a dark forest under a starry sky, wearing a sparkly witch hat and a black sparkly dress, with silver stars on her neck and waist and mist around her and pumpkins growing from the ground. She looks alluring and secretive. looking forward. semi realistic painting, distant portrait, high quality intricate details, long eyelashes and dark make up on her eyes. Tim Burton style, and mystical. Several crows fly in the sky and sit on gnarled leaf-less trees
Prompt: Witch, Deep Space Sparkle, witch hat with galaxy swirls, witch outfit, wand with saturn on top, best quality, masterpiece, background vivid stars nebula space
Prompt: A very pretty dreamy orchid witch is so blue, dragons are eating her flowers, style by Stefanie Schneider, Bob Peak, John Reuss, Justin Gaffrey, John Lowrie Morrison, Patty Maher, van Gogh, Valerie Hegarty, 3d, highest definition, rich colours.  
 Watercolor, trending on artstation, sharp focus,