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a cartoon robot kid with blue and white skin smiling
a cartoon robot kid with blue and white skin sm... [more]

Negative prompt

realistic, photography
realistic, photography [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 90400007
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Prompt: a little and cute cubic robot that is painting something
Prompt: A robotic girl talking to me say me for love and I say I love you
Prompt: Metal Golem. OOoOO. Metallic Grin, Chain-link Monster Cold Blue Electric Eyes, 3d Clash of Warfare. 8k. Modern Sleek Design.
Prompt: Artificial intelligence robot
Prompt: robot realistic cool
Prompt: Futuristic robot, agile, dangerous, orange eyes, realistic, exposed mechanics, strong, full body picture
Prompt: robo doge
Prompt: A low poly alien character standing on a futuristic platform, surrounded by advanced technology and machinery. The alien has a sleek, robotic appearance with silver and blue accents, and its eyes glow with an intense energy. The creature's posture suggests it is ready for action. The scene is rendered in a low poly asset style, suitable for use in video games or animations. The model is created using Blender software, with a polygon count of around 5,000. The image is rendered in Unity engine, with a resolution of 2K and dynamic lighting.
Prompt: Robot, 4k, 16k, realistic, masterpiece, purple, realistic lighting, dark and bright.
Prompt: a futuristic robot android
Prompt: portrait of a cute adorable robot android girl, lighted from inside, superhero, collar, choker, pink and blue electricity, mechanical gears, scifi, highly complex, trending on art station, 8 k render.
Prompt: japan anime robot look like "Bubblegum Crisis", random pose, random background

vintage, miniature. (high detailed skin:1.2), 8k uhd, dslr, soft lighting, ideal human, high quality, film grain, Fujifilm XT3, hyper realistic, detailed head
Prompt: the average adult robot
Prompt: concept art of a robot from the Transformers, female body, female bodytype, darkgray body color, glowing triangular glasses
Prompt: tiny cute (Robbie the Robot) toy, standing character, soft smooth lighting, soft pastel colors, skottie young, 3d blender render, polycount, modular constructivism, pop surrealism, physically based rendering, square image
Prompt: Lumpyface22 is a light blue Diamond head shape, with light brown hair and brown eyes and mixed skin color, human with a strongest animatronic exoskeleton amour with a a.i system, with metal projecting his brain and the rest except for the skin, he is a god, 6’6 feet tall.
Prompt: Make a presentation for a robotic club with a blue background. Add a line follower in the middle.
Prompt: robo cat
Prompt: Generative tiny robot
Prompt: Make a presentation for a robotic club with a blue background. Add a line follower in the middle.
Prompt: cyber robot animated
Prompt: kawaii low poly robot character with a paintbrush, 3d isometric render, white background, ambient occlusion, unity engine, square image
Prompt: a super cute robot that is cubic useful and funny with big ears small paws and a little nose
Prompt: Create a small robot
Prompt: a lemon as a robot transformer, photorealistic, unique lighting
Prompt: Doraemon ai robot , full body , hyperrealistic, super detailed, 8k, high quality, sharp focus, intricate details, highly detailed, 3D hyperrealistic, sharp detail, masterpieces, realistic, photo-realistic, 8k, highly detailed, full length frame, High detail RAW color art, diffused soft lighting, shallow depth of field,hyperrealism, cinematic lighting, centered composition
Prompt: robotic realistic suicide