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Chukwunonye Praise

Chukwunonye Praise


A diverse group of people collaborating on cutting-edge technology projects
A diverse group of people collaborating on cutting-edge technology projects [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 2018207502

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Prompt: A team of office worker getting multiple streams of information through various devices like phone, lap top, tablets, TV
Prompt: a person typing on a laptop with a blue background and icons on it, and a person holding a mouse, Dahlov Ipcar, les automatistes, cybernetics, a stock photo
Prompt: Digital native
Prompt: A group of people collaborating on a group project
Prompt: Office setting with FX trading, professional atmosphere, modern corporate environment, high-tech trading floor, exchange of financial services, bustling atmosphere, high-end digital displays, futuristic office design, cityscape outside the windows, sleek and polished surfaces, sophisticated lighting, high quality, modern, professional, bustling, corporate, futuristic, digital displays, sleek design, sophisticated lighting
Prompt: the importance of software application development
Prompt: Business innovation team brainstorming in a futuristic office, hyperrealistic, detailed, highres, ultra-detailed, hyperrealism, futuristic, professional, brainstorming, creative, innovation, high-tech, modern, sleek design, detailed technology, sophisticated, focused, vibrant lighting, technology, creative workspace, innovative ideas, future concept
Prompt: Information Tech And Communication System Background For Advertisement Poster
Prompt: Create a image that encompasses skills like collaborative, teamwork, time management, analytical, technical skills for a internship and
Prompt: I want some pictures for our website. We are a business development company specialising in the area of operations. We help improve companies operational capacity in order to scale. Firstly we map all the organisations processes, looking at the efficiency of the process itself, the people completing the process and the technology used. Secondly we design and management system to incorporate all the changes that came about as a result of the first elements we also develop data analysis based on all the days only have collected. I wish to generate some pictures that can be used to illustrate this. I want pictures to show process mapping process and the creation of a management system
Prompt: Tecnologías de la informacion
Prompt: A handshake, image of a sample advance payment guarantee on the boardroom table. Artistic impression of a mega project on the boardroom table.
Prompt: Craft an abstract illustration of the future of work, representing concepts like remote work and automation. Use a blend of cool blues and grays with streaks of bright colors to signify digital connections and the human touch.
Prompt: A group of people collaborating on a group project
Prompt: IT Professionals in a social networking marketplace for scholars
Prompt: technology
Prompt: Sales logisitics process Automation using AI
Prompt: Create a visually appealing and professional graphic that highlights the benefits of automating repetitive tasks in workflows. The graphic should convey that automation saves time, reduces errors, and improves efficiency.

Elements to Include:

Illustrate automation in a modern office or tech environment. Include elements like computer screens, robotic arms, and digital dashboards. Show a diverse group of professionals collaborating, representing different sectors like finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail. Include men and women of various ethnicities.
Prompt: Digital contract blockchain based for better collaboration among Contracting parties
Prompt: Critical thinking
Prompt: "Do not include text

Image Prompt: A vibrant and modern office setting with happy, diverse employees engaged in various activities like collaborating at a conference table, using computers, and interacting with futuristic holographic displays showing health data and cost analysis charts. In the foreground, a smiling businesswoman wearing a stylish pantsuit confidently gestures towards an illuminated 3D model highlighting strategic employee benefits components like an optimized healthcare plan, wellness programs, and a user-friendly benefits app interface reminiscent of Maxwell Health's platform. The overall scene should convey innovation, technology-driven solutions, and a forward-thinking approach to strategic cost management for employee benefits."
Prompt: challenges faced by startups, related to Web3 and futuristic