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Azerty Qwerty

Azerty Qwerty

Made by: Anime Artist

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Portrait of a girl walking on the street at night
Portrait of a girl walking on the street at night [more]
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Anime Style 3
Anime Style 3 [more]
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3:4 896x1152 Portrait
3:4 896x1152 Portrait [more]
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420 [more]
Width: 896Height: 1152

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Prompt: Full body. Breathtakingly cute anime illustration of a skinny girl, friendly and happy expression, ice-cold white skin, purple hair, freckles, dimples, short messy hair, cold winter morning, highres, ultra-detailed, anime, cute, liquid material, purple hair, freckles, cold, skin-tight, winter morning, soft lighting
Prompt: Cute anime girl, gray hoodie, medium gray hair, expressive anime eyes, blue over the ears headphones, urban scenery, modern digital art style, night scene, warm tones, cool tones, rich colors, highres, anime, digital art, urban, expressive eyes, headphones, atmospheric lighting
Prompt: anime-show style art
Prompt: anime, high quality, vibrant colors, detailed characters, dynamic action scenes, atmospheric lighting
Prompt: Anime girl in night city
Prompt: profile picture, icon,  blurry, chaotic, art, anime girl
Prompt: anime girl, WLOP, side profile, soft, gentle, detailed, eyelashes, zoomed