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Steven “Psyche_Skyy”

Steven “Psyche_Skyy”


nomad wandering barren neon city in cloak
nomad wandering barren neon city in cloak [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1230083368

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Prompt: ((In the style of cyberpunk noir)), a thrilling battle unfolds as Neo, The One from "The Matrix" franchise, engages in a high-stakes sword fight with Kirito, the renowned swordsman from "Sword Art Online." Amidst the neon-lit streets of a futuristic cityscape, shattered glass windows reflect the intensity of their clash. Electric pulses emanate from their blades, illuminating the dark alley as sparks fly, creating a mesmerizing display of light and shadows. Overhead, towering skyscrapers loom, casting eerie, elongated shadows on the combatants below. Their intense gazes lock, determination etched in their expressions, as they showcase their extraordinary skills, pushing the limits of human capabilities in a digital world where reality blurs and virtual realms converge.
Prompt: Futuristic sci-fi illustration combining elements of Star Trek and Blade Runner, IMAX 70mm film, Voigtlander Super-wide Heliar 15mm lens, iconic characters, high-tech cybernetic enhancements, gritty urban cityscape, neon-lit streets, detailed spaceship with sleek metallic design, intense and moody atmosphere, cybernetic enhancements, intense close-ups, expressive faces, detailed faces, detailed eyes, detailed hair, detailed skin, detailed hands, realistic skin,  detailed Starfleet uniforms, detailed Starfleet communicator badges, detailed clothing, advanced technology, rain, highres, ultra-detailed, sci-fi, cyberpunk, intense atmosphere, futuristic spaceship, urban setting, neon-lit, cybernetic enhancements, professional, moody lighting,
Prompt: Someone walking alone in a cyberpunk city at night
Prompt: depict a neon-lit city scape dystopia. one dark hooded fugure holds a smartphone In this vast cityscape. a large powerful being is towering over the whole city and watching the dark hooded figure, trying to catch him. the dark hooded figure has some green light emitting from him. There are other green lights around the city.
Prompt: Futuristic digital art of a mesmerizing cyberpunk cityscape, neon-infused architecture, dynamic light trails, surreal futuristic figures in trance, immersive and vivid holographic displays, high-tech materials, 4k ultra-detailed, digital art, cyberpunk, surreal, neon-infused, futuristic, trance-like figures, immersive holographic displays, dynamic lighting, high-tech materials
Prompt: cyberpunk, 70's, road, man, neon
Prompt: A <mymodel> landscape artwork of a witch hunter nun 

 in the middle  
of a gloomy alley

full of multicolored neon circuit board patterns glowing in the darkness

, a stunning Alphonse Mucha's masterpiece in  sci-fi retro-futuristic art deco artstyle by Anders Zorn and Joseph Christian Leyendecker

, neat and clear tangents full of negative space 

, ominous dramatic lighting with detailed shadows and highlights enhancing depth of perspective and 3D volumetric drawing

, a  vibrant and colorful high quality digital  painting in HDR
Prompt: Narrow streets of Lower Coruscant, bathed in darkness, illuminated by neon lights, shady traders and hooded figures, crumbling stalls, suspicious atmosphere, Star Wars style, dark tones, neon lighting, detailed urban setting, atmospheric sci-fi, highres, detailed characters, mysterious ambiance