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in multidimensional space, voronoi colonnade sierpinski, fibonacci, moebius strip, menger, lissajous, hilbert curve, mandelbrot Never underestimate the willingness of the greedy to throw you under the bus, in the style of sinusoidal, Curving, Graceful, Flowing, Smooth, Harmonious, Sine-shaped, Wavelike, Undulating, Ser8pentine, Rhythmic, Symmetrical, Oscillating, Elegant, Fluid, Organic, Continuous, Periodic, Balanced, Mesmerizing, Hypnotic, Cyclical, Subtle, Geometric, Tranquil, Grace-giving, Aesthetically pleasing, Harmonic, Sinuous, Timeless, Captivating, Flowy, Calming, Fluidic, S-shaped, Enigmatic, Dynamic, Serene, Artistic, Mesmeric, a man in the style of electrocasterism
in multidimensional space, voronoi colonnade si... [more]

Negative prompt

Body deformities, deformed face, deformed limbs, nudity, scantily clad, deformed eyes, deformed hands, deformed fingers, mutation
Body deformities, deformed face, deformed limbs... [more]
Model: AIart-SDXL
Width: 768Height: 960
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1478861388
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Prompt: Vibrant digital artwork of a Haworthiopsis Attenuata, succulent plant, realistic 3D rendering, intricate spiral patterns, lush green hues, natural lighting, high quality, detailed textures, botanical illustration, macro details, ultra-realistic, succulent plant, botanical, 3D rendering, vibrant green, natural lighting, realistic textures, intricate patterns, high quality
Prompt: Helical orbits making a flower of life reflecting the same laughing buddha image infinitable sunlight disrupts the dark dwelling ego. Turned on its side revealing the true hourglass shape of reality.
Prompt: M c Escher, Fusako Kuramochi, Surreal, mysterious, bizarre, fantastical, fantasy, Sci-fi, Japanese anime, DNA-type double helix mathematical model, junction curves due to entangled structures of different manifolds, junction curves created by entanglement of spheres, cylinders, and toruses with each other in three-dimensional space Actual celestial sphere, miniskirt beautiful high school girl perfect voluminous body, detailed masterpiece, colour drawings