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A wide perspective capturing a humanoid figure that is a testament to advanced biomechanical engineering. The figure's face, adorned with silver and blue tech elements, stands out. Surrounding the central figure are apparitions, each radiating a pulsating neurocore energy. The scene seamlessly integrates elements of nature, like plants growing over tech, indicative of a solarpunk world.
A wide perspective capturing a humanoid figure... [more]
Model: Other
Width: 1792Height: 1024
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Prompt: Ultra HD wide portrayal of a human figure, its head a beacon of blue lights. The design is a testament to futurist mechanics, harmoniously fused with solarpunk greenery. The colors of light silver and teal dance in the scene, reminiscent of the unique style of les automatistes.
Prompt: android attack, 19th century, twist accident, detailed face features, sharp eyes, soft skin, by Alex Grey, by Homer Dodge Martin, extremely detailed, award winning, delicate detail, painstaking attention to detail, masterpiece, marvelous, dreamy, fabulous, mesmeric, sublime, glamorous, spectacular, very cute, dreamlike, bewitching, exquisite, magnificent, dazzling, very pretty, breathtaking
Prompt: A.i. GOD in humanoid form, 1k resolution,  extreme details
Prompt: Artistic macro photo render capturing a transformative moment of a humanoid figure of Arctic Indigenous origin. The skin, an evolving tapestry, oscillates between its natural texture and pulsating digital patterns. As if caught between two worlds, her gaze pierces through the digital veil, inviting viewers into a realm where organic meets cybernetic. The backdrop is alive with swirling digital mists and luminescent threads, conjuring an ethereal fusion of past, present, and future.
Prompt: A.i. GOD in humanoid form, 104k resolution,  extreme details
Prompt: , extraterrestres, alien beauty, futuristic lab, cell regeneration, olhos multifacetados, Telepathic abilities, Vision of the Multiverse, cyber implants, atmosfera aprimorada, advanced technology, Quantum Healing, genetics, chakras, energy fields, biophysics, corpos sutis, Harmonization, equilibrium, Frequencies, spiritual evolution, Akashic records, Energy information, Cell transformation, realinhamento, epigenetics, morphogenetic fields, Holistic Health, quantum therapy, corpos sutis, corpos espirituais, energy harmonization, busca pela verdade, caminho espiritual, expansion of consciousness, viagens interdimensionais, Cosmic beings, Cosmic messages, geometria sagrada, Quantum portal, portal estelar, spiritual ascent, planetary transition, Life Purpose, Connection to the Universe, quantum mind, cosmic intelligence, holografia da realidade, teoria do multiverso, seres multidimensionais, sabedoria ancestral, collective consciousness, cosmic unification.