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epic splash art illustration of a young man riding an elder dragon by dan mumford, yusuke murata, makoto shinkai, ross tran, dnd, dungeon and dragons, hyperrealistic, intricate detailed, cinematic, unreal engine, HD, UHD, sharp focus, 4k, cel shaded
epic splash art illustration of a young man rid... [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion
Width: 768Height: 768
Scale: 7Steps: 200
Sampler: DDIMSeed: 66268769
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Prompt: Dark art, giant hellish dragon, artstation, hyperdetailed intricately detailed , unreal engine, other wordly, intricate detail, splash screen, dark colors, 8k, deviantart masterpiece, oil painting, heavy strokes, doom eternal, tourmented souls, standing, looking at horizon, suffering, humanoid, armed knight
Prompt: Full-body detailed masterpiece, fantasy, high-res, quality upscaled image, perfect composition, beautiful detailed pointed ears; subject of this image is a bipedal dragon, black scales, athletic body, humanoid torso, 18k composition, 16k, 2D image, cell shaded, pale grey human face surrounded by complex detailed dragon features
Prompt: Victorious full-body painting of a beautiful anthropomorphic dragon, wearing battle armor, wielding a sword, posing, warm lighting, cozy, hyperdetailed, intricately detailed, insanely detailed, beautiful eyes, beautiful face, Greg Rutkowski, Fursona
Prompt: Oil painting in the style of Luis Royo,
A classic dragon reminiscent of DnD, Dragon Age, or Game of Thrones,
Impressive wingspan, stretching out majestically,
Scales glistening with an array of vibrant colors,
Eyes that pierce the soul, glowing with ancient wisdom,
A fierce expression etched on its powerful face,
Fearsome wide maw filled with razor-sharp teeth,
Curled horns adorning its regal head,
Long, sinuous neck adorned with intricate patterns,
Leathery texture of its skin, capturing the light,
Dragon's breath billowing forth, wreathed in flames,
Location amidst a desolate, rugged mountain range,
Towerin peaks, cloaked in a mystical mist,
Lush green valleys nestled between the craggy cliffs,
A cascading waterfall, shimmering with iridescent hues,
Golden sunlight breaking through gaps in the dark clouds,
An ancient castle perched atop a distant cliff,
Ruins of forgotten civilizations scattered across the landscape,
A sense of mystery and grandeur pervading the scene,
The dragon, a symbol of power and mythical allure,
Capturing the awe-inspiring presence of these legendary creatures.
Prompt: Giant plesiosaur-like alien species, humanoid pterosaur alien race, flying alien fish with cat tail, bird wings, alien ocean world, professional 3D rendering, vibrant and otherworldly colors, detailed scales and feathers, atmospheric lighting, highres, ultra-detailed, futuristic, sci-fi, aquatic atmosphere, alien civilization, majestic and surreal, underwater fantasy
Prompt: cute dragon
Prompt: dragon roar
Prompt: dragon warrior, hyperdetailed, artstation, cgsociety, 4k, 8k
Prompt: Dragon knight on a dragon, realistic
Prompt: Just need an ancient elder dragon with frozen and black death breath, starring on red-green eyes, skin black-gray, wings long, teeth sharp
Prompt: In this illustration a Lord of Change is in the air. Their feathered wings ripple with demonic magic. Below them, a horde of hideous little demons charge forward.
Prompt: Portrait of an skeleton dragon with iridescent black markings and a cute face, liminal space streets, perfect composition, hyperrealistic, super detailed, 8k, high quality, trending art, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed, by greg rutkowski, illustration, watercolor