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Live action Dean from the Iron Giant, man in his late 30s with black hair and a soul patch wearing a black turtleneck, junkyard background
Live action Dean from the Iron Giant, man in his late 30s with black hair and a soul patch wearin... [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 257154116

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Prompt: A man in armour , without the helmet,long black hair,grey eyes,olive skin,ghibli
Prompt: handsome  young, black hair young man with icy blue eyes, sickly, thin, skinny, sickly, injured, classic hand injury wrap, wrists with bandage,  western setting, world, old west
Prompt: Sci-fi soldier atreides
Prompt: Game of thrones inspired, Middle eastern, male, dragon king, late twenties, gorgeous, shoulder length wavy black hair, faerie with leathery black wings on back, wearing black clothes with intricate beading, royal, mean looking, burn scars
Prompt:  20 years old male, with black hair in face, good bone structure, young icy blue eyes,  Skinny, starved, thin. tears, young, crying,  young Rebels, scars, blisters, bruises. gritty, dark, painful, brow pinched, tattered shirt,  bruises, injury, grime, scars, blisters, bruises. gritty, dark, suffering, handsome dark hair, tears, sad, sorrow, brow pinched, consuming pain, weeping eyes, shackles, injury, Gritty, low light, intense, prison guards, cinematic light, post apocalypse, on floor, post apocalypse death camp prison, interrogation, dramatic lighting,
Prompt: Warryk was wrapped  in a gray wool blanket and off before taking the book from him and he opened up the first page and took a deep breath. It had a blue Council stamp from the forbidden part of the library.
He closed the book and dropped it to his lap. “Reese, I’m not supposed to have this.” He shook his head with a sigh.
 wet t-shirt, soaked, young man with black hair and blue eyes,     injured, resistance, rebels, underground, cinematic, dramatic, moody lighting, gritty, table scene, detailed facial expressions, professional, highres, cinematic lighting, dramatic storytelling