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mohsen mehrabi

mohsen mehrabi


concept of a futuristic bmw 767, dark brown, garage, neon lights
concept of a futuristic bmw 767, dark brown, garage, neon lights [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1575103034

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Prompt: 2020 BMW 5 and Bentley Continental hybrid car, luxurious metallic finish, sleek and elegant design, high-end automotive rendering, professional 3D modeling, 4k resolution, ultra-detailed, modern luxury, luxurious materials, high-tech features, professional automotive illustration, detailed exterior, polished chrome accents, futuristic lighting, high quality, automotive rendering, sleek design, modern luxury, metallic finish, high-end, detailed exterior, 4k resolution, ultra-detailed, futuristic lighting, luxury features
Prompt: Design a sleek, futuristic BMW M Power concept car cruising through a neon-lit cityscape at night.
Prompt: imagine a sedan car that looks like a Formula one in highly detailed, hyper-detailed, masterpiece, detailed
Prompt: Wide image showcasing a luxurious black automobile characterized by its flowing contours and smooth design. Elaborate golden accents enhance the car, highlighting areas like the impressive front grille and the detailed wheel designs. This masterpiece is set against a subdued gradient backdrop, emphasizing its elegance and style.
Prompt: Sports car, glossy metallic finish, lights reflecting on the car, dynamic and sleek design, high quality, dynamic design
Prompt: futuristic volvo sport car
Prompt: futuristic bmw spaceship
Prompt: Imagine a BMW M Power concept vehicle roaring down a winding mountain road, with its futuristic design reflecting the surrounding natural landscape
Prompt: luxus car