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sales order process
sales order process [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 115691119
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Prompt: Flow chart of Dataset file through algorithm
Prompt: Website promotion for summer sale of IT services: only image, no text
Prompt: social media manager
Prompt: cursos en linea
Prompt: We are looking for "Network Security Expert- @ Essen (ONSITE 100%) 

• Exp. in Cisco, Checkpoint, Palo Alto, Fortinet Firewall
• IOT Security Operations (SecOps)
• Palo Alto Networks - Firewalls

Duration : 6 Months


Prompt: An editable diagram illustrating services offered by a business called "Ocean76". The services offered are:
1.  Multi-Channel Messaging Solutions
2. Marketing and Brand Activations
3. FinTech Payment Solutions
4. Other Solutions
Prompt: Design icon logo for e-commerce student marketplace with name "S'MART"
Prompt: Crear una infografía sobre una juguetería donde se quiere implementar un sistema de gestión de proyectos, donde se use herramientas de software que permitan la colaboración y seguimiento de proyectos en tiempo real, lo que facilitara la comunicación entre departamentos
Prompt: Tecnologías de la informacion
Prompt: A diagram showing the chain of departments where a new employee should visit as a process of orientations or inductions
Prompt: Bill safe application
Prompt: health system governance structure
Prompt: generate documents
Prompt: Digital Marketing Image create for website
Prompt: sequence diagram UML for passenger check-in application
Prompt: Text-to-Speech (TTS) AI: Use a Text-to-Speech AI system to convert the script into a voiceover. There are various TTS APIs and platforms available, such as Google Text-to-Speech, Amazon Polly, or IBM Watson Text to Speech.

Video Creation Tools: Choose a video creation platform that allows you to create videos using text and voiceover. Some popular options include:

a. Vyond: Vyond offers a user-friendly interface to create animated videos using characters, scenes, and custom animations. You can import the AI-generated voiceover and synchronize it with the animations.

b. Adobe After Effects: This professional video editing software allows you to create custom animations and visual effects to go along with the voiceover.

c. Powtoon: Powtoon provides templates and drag-and-drop functionality to create animated videos easily. You can add the AI-generated voiceover to the timeline.

d. Biteable: Biteable is a simple video maker that allows you to combine text, images, and animations with the AI voiceover.
Prompt: Criar imagem de um coach de software de gestão
Prompt: software automation workflow cyber
Prompt: Training Process Visualization: Use a flowchart or diagram to depict the iterative training process of AI algorithms. Show how the AI "learns" from input data and gradually improves its ability to generate art.
Prompt: help me visualise organisational chart that consists of president, 2 vice presidents, secretary and assistant secretary, tresurer and 5 exco positions (partnership, strategic communications, private & govt affairs, programs and internal stakeholders)
Prompt: Advantages of Ai in ecommerce

Prompt: Data Flow Diagram: VideoSrch System Overview

This diagram visually represents the flow of data and processes in the VideoSrch system. It showcases how different components interact to provide efficient video search and retrieval.

Inputs: User queries, video data from various sources.
Processes: Video ingestion, feature extraction using CNNs, dimensionality reduction with PCA, adding LBP features, semantic understanding, relevance ranking with machine learning.
Outputs: Ranked video suggestions, user interaction.
Prompt: "Design a LinkedIn banner for an expert in education, learning, systemic thinking, and communication. Use no faces. The banner should convey professionalism and expertise. Incorporate elements that symbolize learning and communicating, blending them seamlessly. Use an abstract design with a color palette that evokes intellectual depth. Include a subtle but effective nod to online education and technology, highlighting the intersection of excellence in instruction."