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Wide illustration showcasing an Asian-inspired cyberpunk manga setting. An artificial girl dressed in black and white becomes the centerpiece, surrounded by neon lights in shades of light blue and crimson. Robotics kids with cartoonishly exaggerated features add depth to the scene.
Wide illustration showcasing an Asian-inspired... [more]
Model: Other
Width: 1792Height: 1024
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Prompt: a poster for an art show, in the style of manga style, rainbowcore, dark pink and amber, photo-realistic drawings, colorful animation stills, luminous portraits, comic/cartoon
Prompt: 2D graffiti art of rebel punk girls presented as a coloring book scene. Some sections are vibrantly colored, contrasting with the untouched portions. The characters are depicted with eye-catching and grotesque features, channeling the moody essence of Clamp's artwork.
Prompt: detailed full body, cyborg operator, girl, cyberpunk, futuristic, neon reflective puffy coat, decorated with traditional Japanese ornaments, fine details, realistic shaded, porcelain face, looking off into a city scape
Prompt: wide image of female robots in electro swing dresses, celebrating and dancing amidst a high-tech city with retro neon signs
Prompt: style of _.hackSign, city
Prompt: 8k resolution wide image set in a colorful futurist cyberpunk manga world. An artificial girl in a black and white ensemble is accentuated by neon hues, predominantly light blue and crimson. In the background, robotics kids with distinctive facial exaggerations bring life to the narrative.
Prompt: Wide image capturing a vivid cyberpunk manga universe. An artificial girl in a black and white outfit stands prominently, illuminated by neon lights of light blue and crimson. Robotics kids, with playful exaggerated facial features, are scattered throughout the scene.
Prompt: incredibly powerful Anime Girl, created by Hideaki Anno + Katsuhiro Otomo +Rumiko Takahashi, Movie poster style, box office hit, a masterpiece of storytelling, main character center focus, monsters + mech creatures locked in combat, nuclear explosions paint sky, highly detailed 8k --ar 9:18
Prompt: A cyberpunk scene in a neon-lit cityscape at night. A young woman with a heart mark on her cheek is approached by a luminous AI entity. She looks surprised as the AI's holographic tendrils extend towards her, indicating a connection being made.
Prompt: A bustling neon city street, where the emotions of its inhabitants are manifested as brilliant colors. Amidst this spectrum, a young girl with a distinct "FIGHT" sticker on her attire stands out. She moves towards a region where the colors start to fade, becoming monochrome. Here, members of the gray-toned syndicate, devoid of any colorful emotions, confront her, their intent clear in their emotionless gray eyes.
Prompt: Ototsuki Momoshiki in New York in a black and white dress
Prompt: A Asian girl, sci fi, cyberpunk, highly detailed, landscape, 8k
Prompt:  woman walking down the crowded street of tokyo japan, zombie town,facing the city , asymmetric hair long, covered in blood, background city of japan with bright lights and signs everywhere night , high quality,  90s anime style
Prompt: aesthetic profile picture anime ghibli, girl, universe, noelle, skyline
Prompt: draw captivating wide-angle shot, Emphasize featuring lone figure in techwear(like the one you find on and sleek mask(half face). utilitarian details, neon-lit cityscape, and fusion of technology and fashion. Convey awe, anticipation, and immersion. digital art, anime style, masterpiece by Makoto Shinkai
Prompt: GROUND VIEW, anime, Japanese, zombie apocalypse running towards you, you running away, side angle, BRIGHT colors, anime, Japanese, zombie apocalypse, wallpaper, trippy sky, city, POV, First person on ground, hoard of zombies running
Prompt: Asian-inspired tall manga artwork featuring an artificial girl in a contrasting black and white attire. She is accentuated by neon glows of light blue and crimson. Robotics kids, their faces detailed with oversized features, enliven the colorful futurist background.
Prompt: Full body Photo of young anime girl with Brown short hair and emotionless face, cyberpunk night city, wearing only long t-shirt, cyber implants, perfect composition, super detailed, 8k, high quality, trending art, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed
Prompt: anime style masterpiece illustration of one young girl at a window showing a big cyberpunk city at night, the girl is chilling peacefully, in a futuristic and cosy interior, colorgrading , anatomically correct, delicate facial features, enhance facial features, accurate anatomy, ultra fine details, correct architecture, correct furniture, ensure overall good composition, vivid colors, soft shimmering, lights, iridescent, sharp focus, trending on artstation, 8k