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The image showcases a futuristic robot with humanoid features. The robot possesses a sleek design, primarily in monochromatic tones, with detailed headgear and a prominent chest emblem. It stands against a gray background, emanating an aura of advanced technology in wide ratio.
The image showcases a futuristic robot with hum... [more]
Model: DALL·E 3
Width: 1792Height: 1024
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Prompt: metallic silver huge robot man with scratches on his body and limbs  with dramatic red lighting in a futuristic world
Prompt: An artistic macro photo of a futuristic robot with humanoid features, highlighting the textures and contours of its monochromatic, sleek design. The headgear and chest emblem are prominent, set against a gray background to underscore the sophisticated technology.
Prompt: the image is showcasing a cyber robot on motion and light, in the style of strong facial expression, airbrush art, silver and black, fashwave, superheroes, captivating gaze, datamosh
Prompt:  cyborg sci-fi soldier with four arms
Prompt: UHD robot armor with 
black visor
Prompt: robot realistic cool
Prompt: An advanced, artificially intelligent Cylon android with arachnid looking features. dark shiny deep acrylic colors with clear coat super shine, colored lights, cape, clear acrylic, iridescent, dark feel, horror, enemy, malice.
Prompt: A macro photo that closely captures the sleek, monochromatic design of a futuristic robot with humanoid features. The focus is on the intricate details of the headgear and the prominent chest emblem, against a gray backdrop to emphasize the robot's advanced technology.